The first Mike O’Daniel Memorial Scholarship was awarded to William Zimmerman at the 80th annual Waxahachie scholarship awards ceremony May 3.

During the ceremony, Stephen Mattocks was awarded the first ever John Hicks Memorial Scholarship, which was named in honor of former Daily Light Sports Editor John Hicks who passed away in February 2006. The award was established through donations of the community and the Waxahachie Daily Light and is administered through the Education Foundation for WISD.

The Mike O’Daniel Memorial Scholarship Foundation was created by his friends and classmates to honor Mike and to help a deserving Waxahachie High School student who plans to pursue an education in music or communications.

The award is named in honor of the award-winning musician and long-time KBEC sports announcer Mike O’Daniel, who died in boating accident in the summer of 2006.

The son of Bruce and Shelia Zimmerman, William finished 26th in the class of 396 seniors at Waxahachie High School. He is an accomplished guitarist with a first place in UIL jazz guitar competition, outstanding soloist at the TCU jazz festival and a three-year member of the WHS Jazz Orchestra.

William is very active in school activities being a four-year Junior Rotarian, Phi Psi Beta member 2005-2007, National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa 2007 and a volunteer of the United Service Organization 2006-2007.

William has taken enough college courses along the way that he will graduate from Navarro College with his associate’s degree before he graduates from high school. He is on the dean’s list at Navarro College and is the only part-time student who has been asked to speak at the Navarro graduation.

He has already been accepted by SMU, where he plans to study music and also has been accepted to the Cox School of Business with plans to major in finance. Upon graduation, his plans are to combine his love of music and his finance degree and start his own recording label.

“Congratulations to William Zimmerman, a more than deserving recipient of the first Mike O’Daniel Memorial Scholarship,” a spokesman for the foundation said.

Stephen is the son of Debi Mattocks. He will finish 75th in a class of 396 with a grade point average of 4.4. He plans on attending the University of Texas at Austin where he will pursue a degree in business.

During high school, he participated in football for four years (two on varsity), two years on the baseball team, one year on the basketball team.

In addition to being a member of the FCA, Belles and Beaus, Mattocks coached YMCA soccer and actively volunteered his time in community service. He also held down part-time jobs as an electrician’s apprentice and carpenter’s assistant to help save toward his college education.

His awards include National Honor Roll, National Science Merit and “Who’s Who Among American High School Students.”

“We commend the foundation for its selection of Stephen Mattocks as the first recipient of the John Hicks Memorial Scholarship,” said Neal White, Daily Light publisher/editor. “Stephen expresses the dedication, commitment and character that John would have been proud of. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of John and miss him dearly. Everything he did was for the benefit of others. Through this scholarship, his work and his legacy will continue. Congratulations, Stephen. We are proud of you!”

Awards presented

Awards and scholarships presented during the Waxahachie High School Awards ceremony Thursday:

Adult FCA Leadership Award — Mark Balance and Tim Hunt

W.C. Bynum Award in World History —Kathryn Ivey

Cain Award for AP Senior English — Caroline Hickson

Edna Pearl Carder Memorial Scholarship — Sarah Minton, Christine Piwonka, Ross Rickett and Will Zimmerman

Century Club Conservation Award — Julia Bunch

Century Club Leadership Award — Christine Piwonka

Cherokee Charmer Booster Club Scholarship — Andi Esselman, Samantha Meade, Katie Sneed, Talisa Smith, Maddie Taylor

Citizens National Bank Business Computer Information Systems Award — Ashley Hodge

Ruth Cleaver Kiwanis Club Scholarship — Tara Bamburg

Coca-Cola Scholarship:

Christen Baker, Mark Balance, Riley Battle, Adam Bush, Tarrah Carr, Chelsea Colwell, Sean Ellis, Garrison Fearis, Evelyn Garcia, Will Geralds, Nate Hanson, Jamie Herndon, Tim Hunt, Shelby Jansky, Kennodrick Jay, Chris Jenkins, Keylee Koop, Patricia Kral, Johnathan Mallios, Sarah Marshall, Stephen Mattocks, Jared Moore, Ryan Morehead, Matt Munday, Stephen Munoz, Kyle Owens, Piper Ozymy, Emily Praslicka, David Pryor, Ross Rickett, Andrew Sauls, Jodi Sparrow, Melissa Vargas, Kwataje Wade, Christianna Wendeborn, Melanie Wessels

Jameson Conner Memorial Stay-in-School Scholarship — William Zimmerman

The Daily Light John Hicks Memorial Scholarship —Stephen Mattocks

Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award (Patriotic Essay) — Caroline Hickson

John Paul Dineen IV Memorial Scholarship — Kevin Gleason

Alta Edmondson Essay Contest — Neetu Mathew

The Education Foundation for WISD Scholarship — Tara Bamburg, Dylan Dacy, Caleb Gilbreath, Austin Keeler, Parker Thompson, Jillian VanZandt

Ellis County A&M Club — Christen Baker, Dylan Dacy, Andrew Sauls, Christine Piwonka

Mary Frances Elliott Memorial Math Award — Parker Thompson

FCCLA Family and Consumer Science Award — Amanda Dodson, Jessica Pipe

First Christian Day School Alumni Scholarship — Chris Jenkins, Johnathan Mallios, Adam Pettit

W.B. Forrest Accounting Award — Ben Wessels

Garden Club Outstanding Horticulture Award — Amanda Dodson and Kevin Gleason

Lynn B. and Dorothy H. Griffith Scholarship — Brittany Reid

Harding Choir Award — Joel Wood

Harding Citizenship Award — Michelle Sellers

Hastings Memorial English Scholarship — Thomas Schaeffer

Miles Hastings Scholarship — Brandon Lockenour

Rosabel Herndon English Scholarship — Christine Merrill

Ann Horan Memorial Award for Health Occupations — Meagan Delbosque

Interact Club Scholarship — Lauren Allred

Frankilou Jett/Waxahachie Education Foundation Scholarship — Corey Tay

W.R. Jett Award for the Outstanding Student in Biology — Thomas Schaeffer

Roger Jordan Memorial Scholarship — Matt Ledbetter

Steve Kelley Memorial scholarship — Jake Hinds and Katie Hinds

LaRue Wright Kirkland Memorial Scholarship — Garrison Fearis

Kiwanis Club of Waxahachie Scholarship - Matt Munday

Larkin Scholarship — Will Zimmerman

Lifetouch Photo Journalism Award — Caleb Hesse and Breanna Johnson

Jean Claire McElroy Scholarship — Sarah Minton

Shannon McGuire Memorial Scholarship — Tara Bamburg

Clifford Lynn & Mildred Lynn Menges Memorial Homemaking Award —Stephanie Cornejo

Joe B. Merritt Career & Technology Scholarship — Hailey Brackens

Mother’s Club Janette Loftis Scholarship — Blake Walker

Mother’s Club Frances McGregor Award — Casey Payne

Neighborhood Credit Union’s Scholarship Essay Contest — Melissa Vargas

Mike O’Daniel Memorial Scholarship — William Zimmerman

Optimist Club Honor Graduates - Lauren Allred, Lyndi Ashley, Micah Backus, Tara Bamburg, Dylan Dacy, Danielle DeNicola, Andi Esselman, Lindsey Fairless, Caleb Gilbreath, Madison Griffin, Valerie Harbour, Caroline Hickson, Jake Hinds, Katie Hinds, Ashley Hodge, Breanna Johnson, Austin Keeler, Matt Ledbetter, Brooke Lewis, Neetu Mathew, Samantha Meade, Christine Merrill, Sarah Minton, Meaghan Moore, Adam Pettit, Rhyan Phillips, Christine Piwonka, Ben Reese, Brittany Reid, Lori Rupp, Carlos Sanchez, Thomas Schaeffer, Lindsey Simpson, Corey Tay, John Thacker, Parker Thompson, Kristen Trojan, Jillian VanZandt, Will Zimmerman

Optimist Club Scholarship — Stephen Mattocks

Barbara Pickett Memorial Scholarship — Jennifer Thompson

Principal’s Award - Lyndi Ashlely, Micah Backus, Tara Bamburg, Kelsey Chase, Danielle DeNicola, Andi Esselman, Valerie Harbour, Jake Hinds, Ashley Hodge, Austin Keeler, Samantha Meade, Sarah Minton, Meaghan Moore, Adam Pettit, Benjamin Reese, Brittany Reid, Lori Rupp, Lindsey Simpson, Corey Tay and William Zimmerman

C.A. Riddle Memorial Scholarship — Stephanie Guerrero

Royal Arts and Charity Club Award in Business Computer Information Systems — Mary Howard

Shackelford Stay in School Scholarship — Tara Bamburg, Christen Baker, Katie Fittz, Chase Morgan, Christine Piwonka

Shakespeare Club English Award — Thomas Schaeffer

Shakespeare Club Outstanding Senior Girl Award — Samantha Meade

M.E. Singleton Scholarship - Justin Araujo, Kelsey Baird, Christen Baker, Tara Bamburg, Hannah Clifton, Dylan Dacy, Sean Ellis, Tammy Erwin, Will Geralds, Caleb Gilbreath, Breanna Johnson, Brooke Lewis, Sarah Minton, Meaghan Moore, Christine Piwonka, Emily Praslicka, Ben Reese, Carlos Sanchez, Katie Sneed, Corey Tay, Will Zimmerman

Fred N. Stones, Jr. Memorial Scholarship — Tara Bamburg

Sue Stroope Memorial Art Scholarship — Pharris Miles

Superintendent’s Award -

Lauren Allred, Dylan Dacy, Lindsey Fairless, Caleb Gilbreath, Madison Griffin, Caroline Hickson, Katie Hinds, Breanna Johnson, Matt Ledbetter, Brooke Lewis, Neetu Mathew, Christine Merrill, Rhyan Phillips, Christine Piwonka, Carlos Sanchez, Thomas Schaeffer, John Thacker, Parker Thompson, Kristen Trojan, Jillian VanZandt

TXI Midlothian Community Involvement Scholarship — Neetu Mathew and Parker Thompson

Texas Beta Nu Master Chapter of Bega Sigma Phi Award — Megan Clark

UIL Academic Scholarship — Ashley Hodge

USA High School Education Scholarship — Christen Baker

WHS Spirit Club Scholarship — DaBreon Wheaton

Kevin Waskow Memorial Scholarship — Will Geralds

Brian Waters Foundation Scholarship - Will Geralds, Tara Bamburg, Tarrah Carr, Dylan Dacy, Will Geralds, Sarah Minton, Chase Morgan, Ross Rickett and Melissa Vargas

Waxahachie Association of Texas Professional Educators — Christen Baker and Sarah Minton

Waxahachie Ex-Student Scholarship — Corey Tay

Waxahachie High School One Year Perfect Attendance Award — Stephanie Guerrero, John Rosch, Jerica Conner, Corey Tay, Benjamin Reese and Kennodrick Jay

Waxahachie IOOF Lodge No. 80 Scholarship — Melissa Vargas

Waxahachie Lion’s Club Scholarship — Christen Baker and Tara Bamburg

Waxahachie Lodge No. 90 Mirabeau B. Lamar Citizenship Award and Scholarship — Caroline Hickson and Corey Tay

Waxahachie Quarterback Club - Mark Balance, Jake Hinds, Ben Hough, Justin Johnson, Kevin McCluskey, Braxton McMurray, Sarah Minton, Ryan Morehead, John Rosch, Christianna Wendeborn

Waxahachie Retired Teacher’s Association Scholarship — Andi Esselman

Waxahachie Rotary Club Scholarship — Tara Bamburg, Dylan Dacy, Emily Praslicka and Parker Thompson

Waxahachie School Trustees’ Award-Sophomores Top 2 percent - Elizabeth Craig, Julie Denges, Tyler Federwisch, Whittney Hudson, Lucky Jones, Mercedes Padilla, Rebecca Padron, Kellie Parker, Michelle Sellers and Justin Volentine

Waxahachie School Trustees’ Award-Juniors Top 2 percent - Timothy Erickson, Cody Ground, Meg McClendon, Matt Neal, Shelby Pearman, Kelly Pennock, Kelci Phillips, Tori Popp and Neven Simpson

Waxahachie School Trustees’ Award-Seniors Top 5 percent - Lauren Allred, Dylan Dacy, Lindsey Fairless, Caleb Gilbreath, Madison Griffin, Caroline Hickson, Katie Hinds, Breanna Johnson, Matt Ledbetter, Brooke Lewis, Neetu Mathew, Christine Merrill, Rhyan Phillips, Christine Piwonka, Carlos Sanchez, Thomas Schaeffer, John Thacker, Parker Thompson, Kristen Trojan and Jillian VanZandt

Waxahachie Symphony Association Scholarship-Instrument Category 1st Place — Dylan Dacy

Waxahachie Symphony Association Scholarship-Instrument Category Runner Up — Caleb Gilbreath

Waxahachie Symphony Association Scholarship-Vocal Category 1st Place — Caleb Gilbreath and Danielle DeNicola

Woodmen of the World Award in American History — Matt Neal