The Texas Electric Choice Act calls for electric utilities to reduce energy growth by 10 percent each year. To accomplish this, TXU Electric Delivery has implemented several energy efficiency programs.

Cody Ledesma of Canaan Heating and Air Conditioning in Fort Worth will perform services including sealing supply grills and returning air plenums, which will prevent conditioned air from escaping into attic and wall spaces.

According to Ledesma, TXU has made arrangements with approved participating air conditioning service contractors to perform diagnostics on residential air conditioning systems and to take action to make units more efficient.

“This service is no-cost to families and, for families with $24,000 family income or less, we will supply them with energy saving florescent bulbs which will further reduce kilowatt hours used. The only qual-ification is that they have a central air unit with a return air duct system. This would eliminate window units and mobile homes without return air.” Ledesma said.

The services, according to Ledesma, involve performing a “blower door test,” which pressurizes the house and air ducts, enabling him to assess the locations and severity of the air leaks in the system.

Ledesma said, “Most older homes have one to two-inch gaps in the duct work in the attic which wastes conditioned air. With our services, kilowatt hours used will be drastically reduced.” He continued, “Many older homes with central air will have two or three return air ducts in the hallway and doors. We will remove those grills and line the return air wall cavity with duct board and then apply silver tape. Afterward, we will paint it with mastic which will cause the duct board to be as hard as cement. This alone will often save the consumer more than $15 a day.”

TXU, according to Ledesma, will perform a follow up inspection within 20-30 days after services have been performed and absorb the cost.

Ledesma continued, “I live in Alvarado and I just want my friends and neighbors to know about this service. Everyone, with the exception of Tri-County and Co-op, are eligible to take advantage of this service.

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