Home is where the heart is.

Or at least that is how Super Bowl champion Montae Reagor feels about his beloved Waxahachie.

Reagor, who was a vital member of the defensive line for the world champion Indianapolis Colts before a life-threatening accident ended his season in October, was back in town over the weekend to meet and greet swarms of fans.

Despite the 1995 Waxahachie High School graduate missing the majority of the season, including the Colts Super Bowl XLI victory over the Chicago Bears, hundreds of hometown fans came out to the Waxahachie Civic Center on Saturday afternoon to show their support for their favorite NFL player.

“I think it is truly a blessing,” said Reagor, who has scars from the accident. “It really just shows me how much support I have and how much love I have back home.”

Fans got the opportunity to meet Reagor and get an autograph, while there was also food, games and a talent show.

“People are here that I know, and I don’t know,” Reagor said. “It’s just really great, and I appreciate all the support.”

Even though Reagor got drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos in 1999, he never forgot his roots.

“I just want to give back,” Reagor said. “People here never get to meet me and see me up close. They always see me covered in pads, so this is an opportunity for me to hug them, take some pictures with them and so forth.”

Reagor was traded from the Broncos Broncos to the Colts in 2003, where he accumulated 86 tackles and 12 sacks in three-plus seasons. Reagor was playing at the top of his game in 2006, when his SUV was struck on his way to a game Oct. 22. Reagor has recovered from the accident, but he knows he missed an opportunity of a lifetime of being able to take the field during a Super Bowl.

“I think the Lord has changed my life,” Reagor said. “It was tough at first. I went through a lot of emotional changes and I went through some ups and downs. I am just grateful to be alive and happy to be able to experience what I did with the organization.”

Just weeks after the Colts took home the hardware to Indianapolis, they made the decision to release Reagor to make room under the salary cap. Since then, Reagor has signed with the Dallas Cowboys’ NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the majority of people around his hometown being diehard Cowboys’ fans, Reagor doesn’t believe that this affects his hometown hero status back home.

“Even though I am with the Eagles, people around here are Montae Reagor fans. I truly think they are going to support Montae regardless of whom I play with, where I go, or how long I play,” he said. “This is home, and there is no place like home.”