Before the 2007-08 school year begins, the new Venus ISD athletic director will need to hire five more coaches who can teach.

Cobi Tyson has already filled five of the 10 vacancies he needed to fill when he was given the job.

Tyson was only able to announce three of the new coaches because the school board has not approved the other two yet. The board will probably approve the other two coaches at its meeting July.

The three coaches who have been hired are Don Tubbs, Jerry Bass and David Jetton.

Bass will be a co-defensive coordinator for the high school varsity football team and will be the head coach of the track and field team.

Tubbs will be the head baseball coach for the high school varsity team and will be an assistant coach for the high school varsity football team.

Jetton will be the other co-defensive coordinator for the high school varsity football team and will be the head power lift-ing coach.

“All three will bring quite a bit of experience,” Tyson said. “Both coordinators were defensive coordinators at successful programs before coming here. They ran similar defenses and they will work well together. We have all spoken together and we feel comfortable about it.”

There are two more coaching positions available at both the high school and middle school levels.

At the high school level, Tyson is still looking for a head varsity basketball coach who can be a football assistant coach and an assistant on both the football and baseball teams.

Tyson is looking for two coaches at the middle school level who can both be assistants in football, track and field and basketball.

Someone who can be an agricultural teacher will fill the final coaching position.

Tyson said he is getting close to fill the remaining positions.

“We have been in heavy interviews since I arrived,” Tyson said. “We are trying to match teaching fields and coaching positions. We are getting everyone on bored and getting organized. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”