Navarro College students who want to pay their tuition in full or in installments may now do so online through the new e-Cashier payment system.

According to college officials, advantages of using the new payment system include:

easy online e-Cashier enrollment monthly payment plan flexible payment options no interest

The new program is the only way for students to pay tuition using an installment plan through Navarro College. Participants can choose from two payment options: automatic bank payment or credit/debit card.

Enrollment fees apply.

Returning Navarro College students can register for courses online through the college’s WebAdvisor and then access the e-Cashier link to pay their tuition. New students can also use e-Cashier after they have registered for classes in person at one of the four college campus locations.

To find out more about e-Cashier, log on to the Navarro College Web site at and click on the e-Cashier link on the homepage. Students can also contact Brenda Duncan at