Mission Outdoors has a mission – to provide youth with positive role models in an outdoor environment, offering camping, fishing, archery, sport shooting, horseback riding and much more.

“Our purpose is to help build relationships with families and bring the outdoors to them and let them know that Christ is on the outside of the doors of the church as well as inside,” said Kyle Nunn, vice-president of Mission Outdoors.

“This organization has really helped my son,” said Kitty Parris, who works for Mission Outdoors answering the phone and serving as public relations promoter for the organization.

“Every first Saturday of the month, at 9:30 a.m., we have events out at Beaumont Ranch,” said Parris. “We have shooting events archery, skeet, target practice with 22 rifles and fishing. We will eat and have a devotional time with a guest speaker.”

Parris said church groups and other organizations can also have their events at Mission Outdoors.

“We just got an archery trailer which we take to different locations and give kids in inner city neighborhoods who perhaps have come from a rough background who have never had the opportunity to get outdoors in a Christian environment,” Parris said.

“This coming Saturday (April 26), at 9:30 a.m., an organization called “Come Worship, Texas” will have a big conference at the Diamond W Arena in Alvarado with a concert by Mercy Me,” said Nunn. “Mission Outdoors will be parking cars for the event.”

Parris noted a special event which will be held at Beaumont Ranch at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, May 3.

“NASCAR driver David Kimbro, who will represent Warriors for Christ of the Bill Glass Evangelistic Ministries, will speak during our regular first Saturday event,” said Parris.

Nunn said Mission Outdoors will also be involved in a food ministry for Grandview and surrounding areas.

“Andy Dally of Open Door Ministries, Harvest International World Wide Distribution, will supply food here through Mission Outdoors and we will distribute food in the area to those who have a need,” Nunn said.

An organization brochure notes that Mission Outdoors’ primary concern is to help youth to have fun outdoors, strengthen families and students, reconnect the family with the church and provide an escape from today’s hustle bustle.

“We want kids to have the opportunity to experience Christ in a new way,” Nunn said.

For further information about Mission Outdoors, call 817-648-3114, or visit the Web site at www.missionoutdoors.org.

For information about Come Worship, Texas at the Diamond W Arena, visit the Web site at www.comworshiptx.com.

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