Upscale townhomes being constructed on Nandina Way have been a cause for concern for some nearby residents - and they shouldn’t be, a spokesman for the project said in an interview this week.

Craig Turner, speaking on behalf of the owner, Waxahachie Apartment Partners, said he wants to put minds at ease concerning the three-bedroom, 1,300 square feet Massey Place Townhomes development.

Turner said residents living in the area surrounding Massey Place remember all too well when word circulated several years ago that a previous developer was planning low-income, affordable housing units. In seeing construction for the new townhomes, nearby residents have made an assumption the previous investor had returned, he said, saying several have stopped by to voice concerns.

“These are not typical apartments,” Turner said. “Our company only builds high-end dwellings - these units are certainly not low-income dwellings.”

Turner said 120 townhomes are planned, representing an investment of $10 million.

Sixteen townhomes on Nandina Way are ready for occupancy and additional units will be located in the area between Columbia and Cornell.

The upscale residences include thicker walls between each building as required by new building codes and will be fully landscaped and maintained and “loaded with other amenities,” Turner said.

Ninety percent of the people who have made inquiries about the townhomes are 50 years old and older, Turner said, saying, “We are working with the architect to possibly build some two-bedroom units too.”

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