According to a report released by Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford, a deputy fired upon and shot a 51-year-old Grandview parolee after a domestic disturbance early July 16.

On that date, the suspect allegedly chased two victims, fired numerous shots at them and ultimately refused to surrender the gun as he walked toward officers.

Officers were dispatched at 6:58 a.m. to the 3000 block of County Road 305, after a 49-year-old woman and her 56-year-old boyfriend fled from her residence, telling deputies that parolee Jeffrey Jezak had shot at them with a 9 mm handgun, according to the report.

The two witnesses told officers Jezak had been helping them with their horses and other chores. That morning, all three of them had been at the barn feeding horses. Upon returning to the residence, Jezak entered the house and ran upstairs where he retrieved a handgun belonging to the woman the two told deputies, according to the report.

Jezak tripped and fell down the stairs, giving the woman and her boyfriend a chance to flee, according to the report, which says the woman told officers Jezak fired numerous rounds at her and her boyfriend before they got into a white Ford F-250 truck with a horse trailer attached and drove off.

The suspect allegedly chased the two in a white Kia, allegedly firing rounds at them while pursuing them onto Farm-to-Market Road 916, according to the report.

Once on the road, the truck’s driver “slammed on the brakes, causing Jezak’s Kia to rear-end the trailer, ending the chase,” the report reads, noting the truck was hit by rounds allegedly fired by Jezak.

The pair then fled the area in the truck and trailer and took refuge in Rio Vista, according to the report.

The woman called the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and reported what had occurred and later told officers Jezak had threatened suicide and mentioned suicide by cop to them last week, according to the release.

Another caller into dispatch said Jezak had said he was on parole and was not going back to jail and would shoot at deputies who tried to apprehend him, according to the release.

When deputies, investigators and Texas Ranger Mark Reinhardt arrived at County Road 305, Jezak was allegedly armed and walking in the middle of the road, according to the report.

During ensuing events, a negotiator at the scene attempted to talk the suspect into disarming himself, according to the report, which said the suspect continued to walk toward the officers until he was fired upon by a shotgun and wounded in the upper abdomen.

Jezak was taken via air ambulance to John-Peter-Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where he underwent treatment.

Jezak was paroled in February 2005 on an aggravated kidnapping charge out of Amarillo. Authorities said they intend to file charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft of a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm and aggravated assault of a peace officer relating to the case.