Early Saturday morning, a handful of people representing the Bethesda Masonic Lodge 168 continued their ongoing project of cutting the grass at Fraternal Cemetery on Jefferson Street.

Lodge master Jamal Rasheed said they are just trying to make the place better for the people who are buried there.

“A lot of people out here made a fundamental difference in making Waxahachie what it is today,” Rasheed said. “We would like to get people out to help us respect them.”

The grass reached as high as 8 feet tall in some places, making the job seemingly impossible for the group of seven people who showed up at 8 a.m., one member said.

“We are doing the best we can to get out here and get it cut,” Alfred Mims Jr. said. “It is just overwhelming. We need some help out here because it is more than we can do.”

Mims said it would also help if they had more than manpower to get rid of the grass and weeds.

“It would help if we had some retardant or poison to stop this grass from growing so fast,” Mims said. “This way people can get in here and visit with their family that has passed.”

Mims, who also works at the adult probation office, tried to get a group out to the cemetery recently.

“In the past we have used service workers out here,” Mims said. “We came out a couple of weeks ago, but weed eaters just wrapped up, lawn mowers broke down.”

One of the reasons the grass has grown so high is because of the recent rains.

“These phenomenal rains that we have had this summer have been more than what we can handle,” Mims said.

Lodge members have already cleared the area and put a monument near the center of the cemetery. The monument consists of the three large chairs and a bible, which is similar to the layout of the lodge, Rasheed said.

The master of the lodge also has some more big plans for the cemetery.

“We are hoping to have a dedication next month when we get fences put up and hopefully it will be recognized as a Texas historical site,” Rasheed said. “(The cemetery) has been abandoned for so long, we are just trying to make an effort and get something done for the community.”

For more information about helping the lodge members, contact Mims at (972) 938-8115.

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