It was an attention-driven Tuesday evening as President Bush delivered his State of the Union Address, touching on his plans from sending more U.S. troops to Iraq to controlling illegal immigration across the border.

On Wednesday, several local residents voiced their feelings about the address.

I am very passionate about what President Bush said about illegal immigration and I appreciate what he said about amnesty, Pamela Cowan said, noting the president is not for complete amnesty. She said she believes he wants to help the illegal immigrants who are here if they want to do it the right way.

I dont completely agree with everything he said, but I think hes a very good man and he will go down in history as a very good president, she said.

I feel that even though President Bush has good intentions, its a little bit too late, Sheryl Kiever said. Hes trying to do a good job, but his hands are tied with Congress and the new speaker of the House. Its a political year and its just a little too late.

While some were in agreement, others see a need for changes in the nations direction.

I really do believe its time for a change and I will be glad to see it, Frank Hazzard said. He is my president and I do believe that he deserves the respect of a president, but Im looking for a change. Im hoping for a president who wants to do the will of the people and not just what he wants to do.

Still other views and perspectives were offered by those interviewed.

President Bushs speech had very good content and it was delivered very well, however, only God can rebuild our land, Jerry Bell said. I voted for President Bush because he seemed to have had higher morals than the other candidates who were running for presidency, but hes not the solution to our problem. The solution to our problem is within the one verse written in the book of II Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14.

I also voted for President Bush and I always pray that he is surrounded by good Christian people, Chuck Sherrill said. He delivered a very good speech and I support most of what he said, especially about illegal immigration and the troops coming back home.

I try to watch him as much as possible and I believe that this is probably one of the best speeches he has given, Sherrill said. This time, he was right on it because I felt he was speaking from his heart.

During his delivery, Bush divided his 49-minute address between domestic and foreign issues. The war in Iraq was the No. 1 topic in the address, which also included his thoughts on illegal immigration, technology, the future of energy production and consumption, and other key issues facing the nation.

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