Citizens of Alvarado made their voices heard in the city and school district May elections last weekend, making decisions on a municipal proposition and the one vacant seat in the board of trustees.

The proposition to “grant authority to the city council to temporarily or permanently close any part of a street or alley for the exclusive use by a railroad company or other corporation having the right of eminent domain” passed by a 56-27 vote.

David Jusiewicz, who defeated Paula Hardee by a vote of 101-49, will fill the one open seat on the school board.

Mayor Tom Durington is ready to move ahead and is happy with the city residents’ turnout at the polls.

“I am excited about going forward,” Durington said. “I am glad the people got out and voted.”

The next step for the development is in the city council’s hands, Durington said.

“The council will determine which two crossings to close,” Durington said. “Once that happens the developer will have the go ahead to begin.”

The mayor said the council’s decision will come within the next month or so.

City manager Mary Daly said she is happy with the results of the proposition election.

“I am pleased because we are going to see a minimum of $425,000 in property taxes in the new development,” Daly said.

Durington said the new development will raise the city’s property value to $60 million and will be a big boost to the city’s economy.

Daly also said this development will help Alvarado grow.

“This will lead to the development of more jobs in Alvarado,” Daly said. “It has the possibility for new retail and new housing options. This development is a linchpin for developing east of Alvarado.”

Regarding the AISD board of trustees election, Dr. Chester Juroska, Alvarado Independent School District superintendent, said Jusiewicz will succeed on the school board.

“I am excited for David,” Dr. Juroska said. “He has some great ideas about making a good school even better and a great school board even better.”

Jusiewicz will join Kelly Price, who received 124 votes in place 2, and Ted Dossey, who received 126 votes in place 3. Both Price and Dossey ran unopposed in the election.

Jusiewicz is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and is the owner and operator of The Alvarado House restaurant.

The superintendent said the board has several goals it would like to see accomplished.

“We want to continue to raise TAKS scores, that is the primary thing,” Juroska said. “We want to see teacher salaries keep pace with inflation and compete with other metroplex schools. We are also ready to begin construction on a new intermediate campus.”

The new campus will host fourth through sixth graders.

In county-wide elections, voters supported Proposition 1’s Emergency Service District expansion to re-include portions of Burleson’s extra-territorial jurisdiction1511-262.

The areas were previously removed from the ESD’s jurisdiction by Burleson, which intended at that time to provide fire and emergency medical protection for the residents in the area.

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