It was an international affair at Waxahachie-based SkillsNET earlier this week, with the local company hosting a representative of the Japan Skills Board.

Company officials said Dr. Kenji Hirata of Tokyo visited the SkillsNET campus to learn more about their system of workforce analysis and to investigate avenues where SkillsNET standards could be implemented into Japan’s workforce.

SkillsNET founder and CEO Michael Brown and Hirata are co-chairmen of the Objects Management Group Skills Management System.

“Kenji wants to see how SkillsNET processes can benefit the Japanese skills system. He is internationally known and respected in the fields of workforce SkillObject management,” Brown said.

Hirata serves as associate professor and human resources consultant for the Department of Social Psychology, TOYO University, and is vice president of a human resource Internet solutions consortium in Japan. He received his degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Founded in 1983, SkillsNET has gained worldwide acclaim in workforce analysis for such corporations as SAAB Auto Manufacturing Corporation and a nurses union in Germany. The company has also been involved in workforce analysis for major corporations and military entities including the U.S. Navy.

In 2006, Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business listed SkillsNET as one of Dallas’ top 100 fastest growing businesses.

“We have just entered into a contract with the Federal Aviation Administration to analyze air traffic controller workspace and Smith Oil Corporation of Houston to analyze their global engineering services network,” Brown said.

SkillsNET also will soon open a Ellis County business incubator to foster new technology businesses.

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