ITALY —The Italy ISD has received an academically acceptable rating for both of its campuses.

Districts are judged in 26 categories of student performance - math, science, reading/English language arts, writing and social studies - and students in a school must score a certain point in the accountability level in the following groups: all students, African-American, Hispanic, white and economically disadvantaged. For the 2006-2007 year, Stafford Elementary had high scores in the recognized and exemplary level for 25 out of 27 subgroups in reading but fell down to the acceptable level in science. The Stafford math scores in fifth and sixth grade had above 50 percent of the students scoring commended.

At the high school, scores in science and math were low while 100 percent of juniors passed the social studies test. Schedules have been worked out for students to take an extra math or science acceleration periods if warranted this year (2007-2008) for math and science.

“The scores are not as high as we would like in every area but plans are already being initiated for students to be taught at a higher level for next year in areas of need,” Superintendent Dr. Gail Haterius said. “Teachers and principals have spent time aligning the curriculum this summer and learning new strategies in order to teach our students well.

“The TAKS test monitors how well students are learning the curriculum and Italy ISD will continue to improve in its mission of preparing all students for life, post graduate studies or the work place,” she said.