A Midlothian graduate is taking the final steps toward graduating from Tarleton State University during an internship in Alvarado.

James Robert Hatcher is less than two weeks away from earning his bachelor of science degree in agricultural services and development and is interning at Colorado River Concrete L.P.

Hatcher likes the agricultural services and development program at Tarleton State University for several reasons.

“It is a smaller school and it has a good agricultural program and that is what I am interested in,” Hatcher said.

The soon-to-be graduate first got interested in agriculture because he like being outside and used to raise animals.

“I raised pigs in high school,” Hatcher said. “I tried if for a little while when I started at Tarleton, but I was too far away from home to do it.”

Now that early interest has led him to this valuable internship and to something that he will be able to do during the next stage of his life.

“This internship is really important,” Hatcher said. “This is probably what I will do when I graduate.”

Colorado River Concrete L.P. is a company that manufactures Ready Mix concrete. Hatcher is working in quality control for the company while on his internship.

Hatcher, who has been in Alvarado for about two months, will complete his 10-week student internship and earn his degree Aug. 4.

Hatcher said he has already been offered a job by the concrete company, but will not be working in the Alvarado office.

“I am going to live in Stephenville and work out at their Stephenville plant,” Hatcher said.