The Rev. Dean Kilmer is inviting everyone a signing for his new book, “Igniting the Moral Courage of America.”

The book signing will be held from 2-4 p.m., Saturday, May 12, at Hastings.

Kilmer began writing this book about two years ago based on his solid beliefs on the world as it has changed from generation to generation.

“Since the World War II generation, we’ve had a tidal wave of negative values that have come across our country and in this book. I just want to inspire people to live their life with integrity and also, rebuild the moral values of our country,” Kilmer said, saying the book teaches people how to live with moral courage and with integrity.

“In this book, I outlined ways to inspire people to live with integrity,” Kilmer said. “The first step being personal integrity, the second step is rebuilding godly homes, the third step is supporting character development in our schools, the fourth step is developing the courage to stand for what we believe, the fifth step is using God’s truth as the foundation for our lives and the sixth step is allowing God to do something meaningful in our lives.”

Kilmer explained his perception of the ways moral values have been — in a sense — kidnapped.

“Our moral values have been kidnapped by false concepts of keeping morality out of one’s public life,” he explained, saying that a person is what he or she believes to be and that he or she has the right and the responsibility to speak up for what he or she believes in.

“Also our moral concept of acceptance and tolerance has been kidnapped. We have developed a philosophy that we must accept one’s lifestyle, even if it’s destroying that person,” he said. “That includes one’s lifestyle of homosexuality, drug addiction, abortions and so forth.”

Kilmer provides study guides and chapter summaries in the book.

“I built this book based on a concept that there are more good people in America than there are evil people who want us to have a good moral society, but they have been silenced,” Kilmer said. “I want to give them a chance to speak up for what they believe in because one of my life’s goals is for the next generation to have a stronger faith in God like my generation did. I am concerned about the next generation because I have four grandkids and I want them to live with integrity and also live in a society that helps them to live with integrity.

“I want to be able to rebuild the philosophy of our society and support the good kids; the kids who live with integrity,” he said. “We’ve taken the foundation away from young people because they don’t know what to believe. You have to have a concept to build your life on and that concept has to be God’s absolute truth coupled with his amazing grace. Young people need a foundation to begin with and we’re trying to build just that.”

Through his book, The Moral Courage Foundation was created, which is based upon building community support for kids with good morals.

Established by Roy Orr and Gary Bassett, this nonprofit foundation was started in response of these two men reading and interpreting Kilmer’s book.

In 2008, the foundation will provide a $25,000 scholarship to a child — toward the college of his or her choice — who meets the criteria of having good standard morals such as Biblical morals, integrity, respect, pure sexuality and involvement in the church.

“We’re hoping to bring awareness for younger children so they can look up to those who live with integrity — sort of like a role model type of situation,” Kilmer said. “We’re hoping to expand the scholarship amount but our ultimate goal is to have more scholarships in the future.”

Kilmer is the preaching minister for the College Street Church of Christ in Waxahachie. He earned his undergraduate degree in Bible in Harding University and a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Abilene Christian University. He has authored the “Mastering the World” Bible study. He and his wife Karen have two children and three grandchildren.

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