With a staff with more credentials than the state requires, a cheerful, colorful, family-friendly environment, coupled with the latest in high-tech imaging and diagnostic facilities which has ranked them among the top in the country in their field, Midlothian Imaging Center is poised to serve the health needs of western Ellis County and surrounding areas since 2005.

“Actually, the official name of it is the Methodist Charlton Medical Center Midlothian Imaging Center, but most patients just shorten it to Midlothian Imaging Center,” said Angel Biasatti, Director of Marketing and Community Relations.

Located on US Highway 287 at Plainview Road between Midlothian and Waxahachie, the Midlothian Imaging Center offers several different diagnostic services.

“We offer CT scans and open MRI, ultra sound, lab and blood work for our patients,” said Biasatti. “We have found that patients are more comfortable with open MRIs because some are claustrophobic and it’s also much more comfortable for larger patients that the MRIs aid in early detection of many different health issues,” Biasatti said, noting that the CT scan also eliminates the need for many invasive surgeries, and it combines x-ray and computer technology to provide specialists with images of cross-sections of bone joints, including soft tissue.

Biasatti said measuring the density of calcium and other minerals in the bones can be done through a bone densitometry, which is an enhanced form of -ray technology, and can be done in a simple, non invasive manner.

“This is the most accurate method available to diagnose osteoporosis, and it is also an accurate estimator of fracture risk,” said Biasatti, saying that Midlothian Imaging Center is among the best in the nation in imaging.

Ultra Sound is also offered at Midlothian Imaging Center and provides real-time imaging which is effective in diagnosing health problems including detecting tumors.

“The ultra sound sends a radio frequency into the body which picks up atoms and sends images to the computer,” said Scarlett Tolliver, RT (R) CT) (MR) Technologist.

Midlothian Imaging Center also performs electrocardiograms (EKG) as well as general x-rays.

“Midlothian Imaging Center is open from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturday, from 8 a.m. until noon,” said Mary Ellen Humphreys, Director of Midlothian Imaging Center and Radiology and Womens’ Services for Methodist Charlton Medical Center, noting, “We also provide transportation to the facility with advanced notice.”

Humphreys said although physicians are on staff at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, they also practice independently.

“We had 24,000 emergency room visits last year at Mansfield which included the entire area, and we performed 1,600 surgeries, treated 32,000 patients and delivered more than 500 babies,” said Humphreys.

The Methodist Health System has three hospitals, two in Dallas, one in Mansfield, and has two Family Health Centers in Cedar Hill, two in Grand Prairie and one in Mansfield, in addition to the Midlothian Imaging Center.

Humphreys noted that a new facility is planned for McKinney and a Rehab Hospital opened on Wheatland Road near Charlton Methodist Hospital, Jan. 17.

Humphreys said the Midlothian Imaging Center stressed customer satisfaction and scored highest in the nation in likelihood of patients recommending the facility, noting that they were benchmarked against leading healthcare organizations in the nation.

“Every patient gets a personal hand-written note thanking them for coming in, and we are dedicated to making sure patients feel comfortable and that their minds are put at ease. The staff takes time to answer all questions a patient may have, and we do all scheduling on site,” said Humphreys, who has been with Midlothian Imaging Center since 2003, and who was responsible for setting the program up and worked closely with the architect in its design.

“Visits to Midlothian Imaging Center increased by over 100 percent this past year,” said Humphreys, saying that the center has had no staff turn-overs in three years, and each technologist is hand picked, and has advanced credentials which exceeds state requirements.

“There is a radiologist on site Monday through Friday, and a registered nurse on site all the time,” said Humphreys.

For more information about Midlothian Imaging Center, call 972-775-4267, or log onto: www.methodisthealthsystem.org.

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