Among the many vendors at the Downtown Waxahachie Farmers Market you will find a sprawling booth of all organic fertilizers, soil amendments, herbicides and pesticides manned by Waxahachie residents Helen and Dewan Hinsley, along with their friends and neighbors who are there to help, as well.

Also available for purchase at the Hinsleys’ booth are a variety of all-natural pet foods, wild bird supplies, planters and outdoor ornaments, as well as books on the subjects of organic gardening and native plants.

The Hinsleys are environmentally-conscious people with a desire to help others realize what they can do to change their health and their landscape. This desire became the mission of their business, Organigro.

“Orgainic is the new buzz word for the day,” Helen Hinsley said. “The main thing we are trying to let our farmers market friends know is that we are growing our homegrown vegetables and fruits without chemical pesticides and other toxic chemicals.”

Hinsley said the purpose of Organigro Products is to provide Ellis County with chemical-free foods and lawn and garden supplies.

“Some of the same things that can be purchased at Dallas Whole Foods, except you don’t have to take the time to drive that far,” said Hinsley, noting people’s concern now with the “constantly rising cost of gasoline.”

The Hinsleys are on a crusade to spread the word about organic products that will help people rebuild their soil into better and more productive lawns and gardens.

“We are also aware of our obligation to our young children and our pets, to provide a chemical-free environment for them to enjoy and to grow up in,” Hinsley said. “Rebuilding the soil with chemical-free amendments is our company’s main theme.”

Through their participation in the farmers market, the Hinsleys have had the opportunity to visit with their customers.

“I hear stories of how proud they feel about what they are doing to help their neighborhood. Many report seeing more birds, geckos and other natural wildlife in their yards and gardens,” said Hinsley, who believes Organigro and other farmers market vendors have a loyal and growing number of customers because “they trust the vendors and enjoy talking to us about how their homegrown vegetables and flowers are doing.

“This adds to the flavor of a neighborhood that we can be proud of,” she said, adding, “We appreciate Waxahachie supporting our local farmers and giving us a chance to bring the best to Waxahachie.

“Thank you, neighbors, for coming to the Downtown Waxahachie Farmers Market and helping us and all the vendors to feel welcome,” she said. “We appreciate your time, hand of friendship and the conversation you lend to us and our town.”

The Downtown Farmers Market is open from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. Saturdays on the Square in downtown Waxahachie.