A Head Start Appreciation luncheon was held at Dunaway Elementary last week to show appreciation toward volunteers, parents, community representatives, students and teachers.

“This is just our way of showing them that we appreciate them for attending our meetings and volunteering their time,” said Head Start’s facilitator, Lucy Mares.

Held for three years at Marvin Elementary, Mares said this is the first time it’s been held at Dunaway.

“Because of the growth of Marvin’s student body, we had to relocate to Dunaway,” Mares said.

During the luncheon, special certificates were awarded to those who have made an impact on the program, according to Mares.

“We’re giving certificates to all our volunteers and parents who have volunteered and have been an important asset to this program,” Mares said. “We’re also presenting certificates to our fifth-grade students for their help during our Fall Festival in October. They really did an outstanding job in planning it.”

The Head Start Program offers numerous events and programs for the parents and youth, including Popcorn for Pops, Seed Stompin’ Fun, Fire Safety, Family Fun Event and others.

Rebekah Johnson is the program’s family specialist and Abigail Herrera is the program’s health specialist.

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