A hard freeze warning remains in effect until noon Thursday for all of North Texas.

Overnight lows are expected to drop to between 6 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit, with the coldest numbers posted in the rural outlying areas north and west of the Metroplex, National Weather Service forecasters said.

Also in effect until noon Thursday is a wind chill advisory, with wind chills of from minus 10 to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Thursday night and Friday, there is a chance of light snow, with some accumulation possible, especially southeast of a Gainesville to Weatherford to Goldthwaite line, forecasters said.

Another slight chance of light snow will return to about the northern half of North Texas on Monday.

Safety tips to heed during this weather event include:

•dress in layers and wear a hat and gloves if venturing outside.

•do not use outdoor-use only heaters inside a residence because of the possibility of carbon monoxide. Cover with blankets to keep warm instead.

•wrap any exposed pipes and allow both hot and cold water faucets to slowly drip, especially for plumbing facing exterior walls.

•turn off and winterize irrigation systems.

•provide adequate shelter or arrangements for outdoor pets.