Duff Hale has announced his candidacy for Place 4 on the Midlothian City Council. Hale is a long time Midlothian-area resident.

Hale and his wife, Claudia, moved to Ellis County in 1980 and his three adult children, who now live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, all graduated from Midlothian schools.

“When I moved here from Dallas and Houston, Midlothian was a quiet small town with a wonderful ambiance. It provided just the respite our family needed from the crowded city where we could raise our children in a country atmosphere,” he said. “I grew up in a small town and missed that environment having lived in large cities since graduating from North Texas State University.”

Hale said he looks forward to the opportunity to impact the future of the city by working to achieve positive changes in city government.

“A fresh perspective is always a good thing and I know I can add that to the debate,” he said.

Hale, a strong believer in private property rights, said he would work to assure citizens their property would not be subjected to unnecessary and onerous restrictions.

“I realize there are some instances where government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, but it should not do so in a unpredictable or vindictive manner,” he said. “People should always have a say-so in their future and in matters that effect their lives and property.

“A vital part of that is having responsive representation on local government. I will be an advocate for all citizens; I will listen to all sides of an issue and will make decisions based on what I believe to be best for all the citizens of Midlothian,” he said.

“Consent is the key here. Our Declaration of Independence says that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Consent is a valid attribute. No sale occurs and no contract between parties is enforceable if either of the parties withholds their consent or is under duress and cannot exercise consent. Consider that the difference between a weekend of house arrest and merely staying at home is a matter of consent. The difference between extortion and contribution, between a voluntary gift and robbery is consent. Consent is the very basis of civilization, for personal interaction between individuals and for government itself.”

Because of the tough economic times, Hale said he believes governments should tighten their belts just like the citizens have to and promises to do everything he can to keep taxes the same or even lower them.

“It seems the easiest answer for government budget shortfalls is to raise taxes,” he said. “I think governments should always look first at ways to reduce spending and find economies in their operations rather than saddling taxpayers with higher tax rates.

“Taxes always seem to impact the elderly disproportionately. Most are living on a fixed income and any increase in taxes is a very real burden. Politicians often allude to the elderly having to make a decision between buying food and paying for their medications,” he said. “Our overall tax burden today is a problem and plays a very real part in that question.”

Hale is employed by Compass Insurance Agency Inc. He is a past master of Midlothian Lodge No. 584 AF & AM. He is also a life member of the NRA and Gun Owners of America. He is a Vietnam-era veteran having served in the U.S. Navy Reserves as a part of the Naval Security Group.