Members of the Ellis County Home Builders Association gathered for a luncheon meeting on Wednesday at the Waxahachie Civic Center.

Special guest speaker at the meeting was city of Waxahachie director of building Sanford Smith, who has held that position for more than two decades.

Smith, who will retire in January, said of his career as a building inspector, “It has been my life for over 24 years.”

He said he initially took the job because he wanted to help people who purchase homes and that he accepted the position under the condition he would be allowed to take the role of enforcement.

“I don’t make everyone happy,” Smith said. “You can’t when you’re in enforcement. But my objective is to treat everyone the same.”

Smith gave an overview of several city, state and federal laws and codes that have been created or changed during the last three years and discussed topics from architectural design standards and roof installation to sign ordinances and warranty disputes.

He also emphasized the important role of “green building.”

“It would behoove everyone that is building to go to green building,” said Smith, who suggested initiating the practice before it becomes a requirement, something he said he sees as inevitable.

“Hopefully I turned the light on so that you can go research,” Smith said, emphasizing builders should stay knowledgeable and abreast of the latest codes.

After Smith’s program, association president Deron Shouppe presented Smith with the “Friend of Housing Award.” Shouppe said Smith holds the award with a long list of dignitaries that include state Rep. Jim Pitts and Gov. Rick Perry.

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