During the presentation of diplomas, many of the graduating seniors as they passed across the stage at the Potter’s House Thursday night, incited applause, cheers and whistles.

But when Jarrod Moore approached the stage to receive his diploma, most of the audience rose to their feet and cheered - more than one shedding tears of pride and admiration for a courageous young man who has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to finish his high school degree.

Moore was diagnosed with leukemia more than a year ago.

“Last Friday I received my final chemo treatment,” said Moore, whose leukemia is now in remission.

Asked about his battles with the disease during his senior year, Jarrod said, “I had a real rough time during the first month of school last fall, but things started getting better.”

Because Jarrod’s immune system is still weak, he found it necessary to wear a mask over his nose and mouth during much of the graduation ceremony.

“I’m going to attend the University of North Texas where I’m planning to major in psychology,” Moore said. “I want to be a counselor.”

“Yeah, and he’ll probably want to practice on his family first,” his mother, Rita, said with a laugh.