FERRIS — Utilities, railroad and city improvements were the main topics of discussion by the Ferris City Council Monday night.

First item on the agenda was the approval of a three-man committee to negotiate provision for utilities in the municipal utilities district located between Ferris and Rockett.

The council also voted to adopt a resolution supporting legislation (House Bill 3181) which will restrict trains from stopping and blocking major thoroughfares in Texas cities.

“Cities have been powerless to regulate railroad activities,” City Manager Gus Pappas said, citing the dilemma of emergency vehicles being hindered from reaching their calls in time due to stopped trains and a lack of alternative routes.

Monique Foster presented a proposal to the council that called for funding improvements in the northwest section of Ferris.

Mayor Jim Parks told the Daily Light that the projects call for renovation of a facility to be used as a senior citizen’s center, provision for youth activities and general neighborhood improvements.

The council voted unanimously to provide a grant for the projects.