ENNIS - Tommy Lee Dowell of Ennis had a dream the night of Jan. 14 that he had a lot of money in his hands. The next day, he bought a Run the Table scratch-off ticket of the Texas Lottery and saw his dream come true.

“I was at home about 10 p.m. when I scratched the ticket and started yelling for my mother and my sister to come to the bedroom to see the ticket,” Dowell told Lottery officials. “I almost hit the ceiling I was so excited.”

Dowell’s sister, Shirley, ran to the back of the house with their mother, thinking something was wrong with her brother.

“I thought he had gotten sick, that something had happened to him back there,” she said. “Then, after we saw the ticket and quit yelling and hollering about the prize, I reminded him about that dream.”

Dowell told his mother to put the ticket with the $1 million prize in her purse, where it remained until the morning when he went to Lottery headquarters in Austin to claim the prize. He was accompanied by his sister and a brother, Philip.

Dowell said he plans to help out his mother and his family first with this prize and then buy his fianc/e a new car.

“I’m also going to buy myself a home,” he said. “Then I’m going to let this money make me more by money by saving and investing it.”

“This is not the first time we’ve had a player who dreamt about having a large amount of money in their hands, who then wound up winning large lottery prize,” said Texas Lottery Commission executive director Anthony J. Sadberry. “Mr. Dowell also has the right idea about saving his prize and helping out his family, which are great things to do.”

A maintenance supervisor with Ennis ISD, Dowell said he has won several Texas Lottery prizes in the past, including a top prize of $21,000 in another scratch-off game.

The ticket was purchased at Kwick Pick Grocery, 907 N. Kaufman St., in Ennis. The store is eligible to receive a bonus of $10,000 for having sold the ticket.

Run the Table offers a top prize of $1 million, and has several lower-tier prizes ranging from $20,000 down to a break-even amount of $25. Dowell’s is the second of the three top prizes offered by the game to be claimed.