(Editor’s Note: In an effort to provide our readers with the information they need to make an informed decision when they go to the polls this weekend, the Ennis Journal will re-run the announcements from all the candidates seeking the position of city marshal and city commissioner of Ward 2. The original announcements will run in their entirety from information provided from the candidates. City marshal candidates will appear first in alphabetical order, followed by city commission candidates.)

Please note due to unforseen circumstances, the Ward 4 polling place has been changed to Bright and Morning Star Church, 1005 Daffan Ave from the Eastside Church of Christ, 607 E. MLK Dr.

City Marshal Candidates

John Erisman, Detective Sergeant for the Ennis Police Department, has filed his name as a candidate for the Ennis City Marshal election set for May 12, 2007.

Erisman, a native of Ennis, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. “Bob” Erisman Jr., also of Ennis. After graduating from Ennis high school in 1991, Erisman attended Sam Houston State University. He graduated in 1996 with a bachelor’s of science degree in criminal justice with an emphasis on law enforcement and police science.

In 1997, Erisman attended the North Texas Police Academy in Denton, Texas, and obtained his basic peace officer’s license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education TCLEOSE.

He began his law enforcement career in 1997 when he was hired by the Ennis Police Department and has served as an officer in Ennis since then.

In 1998, Erisman was selected for the Ennis Police Department’s “Rookie of the Year” award and was also awarded the Ennis Police Department’s “Officer of the Year” the following year. At that time, Erisman was elected to serve as the president of the Ennis Police Officers Association.

Erisman obtained his Intermediate peace officer’s certificate in 1999 after fulfilling continuing education and training requirements mandated by TCLEOSE.

In 2002, he fulfilled the requirements needed for his Advanced TCLEOSE peace officers certificate.

After serving as a patrol officer for seven years, he was promoted to Detective Sergeant in 2004.

In 2006, he earned his Master’s peace officers certificate, which is the highest certificate awarded by TCLEOSE.

Erisman continues to serve as a Detective Sergeant for the Ennis Police Department today.

He has been married to his wife, Michelle for seven years. They are the proud parents of two sons Chandler, 4 and Kyle, 2.

Erisman and his family are members of the First United Methodist Church of Ennis. He feels grateful for the opportunity to have served the city of Ennis for a number of years and looks forward to serving the community in the future.

“It has been a great honor and privilege for me to serve the citizens of Ennis for the past 10 years. The trust and responsibility that the citizens of Ennis have entrusted in me is something that I take very seriously. Ennis is a city that I take pride in calling my home. It is the city that I have chosen not only to devote my career, but also to raise my children. Ennis has the schools that my children will attend, the streets that my family will walk, and the communities that will shape my children's moral and ethical foundations. I humbly and respectfully request from every citizen of Ennis that you entrust the responsibility of City Marshal to me so that I can lead your police department with integrity and Christian values for many years to come.”

Domingo Galban Sr. has announced his candidacy for city marshal and feels that he is a strong proponent of the city of Ennis and its youth. He has coached youth baseball for 25 years, including girl’s softball a total of four years. His wife, Donna Kay Galban, is an EISD paraprofessional and bus driver. They have two daughters, Melissa and Desiree, who presently attend Ennis schools. His son, Domingo Jr. and two grown daughters, Maria and Priscilla, also attended Ennis schools. He is a grandfather of two girls and two boys. Devotion to his family and all of the children he has coached has led him in his decision to run for Ennis city marshal.

Strong family values have followed Galban since he was a small boy growing up in Ellis County.

He is a thirty eight year resident of Ennis and he and his family attend St. John Catholic Church, where he teaches Sunday school. The local church is one more venue he believes to be important in the lives of Ennis youth.

He volunteers his time each day directing foot and vehicle traffic between the Intermediate school and the rear of the bowling alley. Captain Galban usually helps about 120 children daily to cross the road safely. He cares for all of these children and that compassion transfers to all of Ennis’ youth.

“There are those who would subvert and degrade our youth, but we should do everything humanly possible to create a wholesome environment in which they can live,” he said.

He is also president of the Ennis Cinco de Mayo Committee, which celebrates Hispanic heritage and fills the city with colorful costumes and activities each year in May.

Law enforcement has always been important to Galban. He graduated from the regional Police Academy in 1973. He has been employed with the Ennis Police Department since Dec 1. 1972. He has accrued 1,300 training hours by Texas Law Enforcement Standards and Education Commission, 45 credit hours from Navarro College and belongs to the Council of Governments.

During his 34 years with the department he has served in the capacity of patrol sergeant, patrol lieutenant and patrol captain.

Galban says that as city marshal, he would lead the Ennis Police Department by delivering police service of the highest quality. He believes in integrity, fairness, honesty and equality.

“I would sincerely appreciate your vote and thank you for your support in the May 12 election.”

Greg Housewright has announced his candidacy for city marshal.

Housewright graduated from St. John High School in 1994 and enrolled in Navarro College where he studied criminal justice until 1997. He continued his education in criminal justice at the North Texas Council of Governments Police Academy in Arlington, Texas, where he was sponsored into the prestigious school by Bill Woody and the Ellis County Constables Office Pct. No. 1.

He began his career in law enforcement in 1997 when he was hired by the Ennis Police Department as a patrolman. He has served in law enforcement for 10 years, the last five as a patrolman for the Waxahachie Police Department.

While employed with the Ennis Police Department Housewright was utilized as both the physical fitness coordinator of the SWAT team, and the team leader. He has since served Waxahachie’s Police Department as a field-training officer, and has been a member of its SWAT team as well. He has received slightly less than 1,900 hours of continual law enforcement training, and has been awarded with the advanced certification of law enforcement.

Housewright is a resident of Ennis, and has been for over 25 years.

In July of 1999, he married his high school sweetheart, Vickie Vitovsky and they live in the house she grew up in. Vickie is a teacher for St. John’s School as well as an aerobics instructor for Lone Star Fitness and Navarro College. Greg is a member of Tabernacle Baptist Church along with his mother and stepfather Danny and Betty Cruz. He also attends mass at St. John Church with his wife.

“I would like to personally thank the city of Ennis and its citizens for this monumental opportunity. The city of Ennis not only gave me my first opportunity to pursue my dream of being a police officer, it will now afford me with a chance of reaching my ultimate goal as police chief. I pledge to lead as a servant, one that treats all members of staff with dignity and respect. As a leader, I will be honest, forthright, and demand the highest level of competency, productivity, and quality. I will welcome others to speak out and demand the highest level of ethical, moral and professional conduct and behavior. I would like to thank the citizens of Ennis for their time and for the opportunity to once again serve the community of Ennis, Texas.”

Isidro “Sid” Lopez, a 20-year law enforcement veteran and lifelong resident of Ennis has announced his candidacy for the city marshal’s position.

Lopez began his peace officer career as a reserve officer for the City of Ennis in 1982 after receiving a Basic Reserve Officer license from Navarro College sponsored by the Regional Police Academy and four years Iater he was hired by the City of Ennis Police Department as a dispatcher.

While serving as dispatcher for the EPD, he continued his education in law enforcement at Cedar Valley College and obtained a Basic Peace Officer license from the Regional Police Academy

In 1988, he became a patrol officer for the City of Ennis Police Department and served in that capacity until 1995 when he and two other officers qualified to work for a special division known as The Street Crime Unit (SCU). The SCU, in collaboration with the Ellis County Juvenile Probation Department and the Ellis County Drug Task Force, worked to identify several gangs and gang-related activities, drug trafficking and drug dealers.

The SCU also worked with various other local agencies and programs in an attempt to keep kids off the streets. An important task of the SCU was enforcing the teen curfew laws established by the City of Ennis. He feels the statistics related to their assignments as SCU officers helped decrease the overall crime in Ennis.

Beginning in 1996, he resigned his position of patrol officer with the City of Ennis to purchase a local business but soon returned to the Ennis Police Department.

In 1999, he served as Chief of Police for the Ennis Independent School District, and during his time with the district, he worked with the D-FY-IT student group to provide the “Shattered Dreams” program for Ennis High School students. He worked with EISD Administration to obtain a “Cop in School” grant, which allowed the district to add one additional officer to the district’s police force.

During the summer of 1999, he accepted a job as a salesman for a successful local business and thought that he would leave law enforcement. However, September 11, 2001, changed his life just as it changed the lives of many citizens.

“This event caused me to rethink God’s plan for me, and I re-entered the field of law enforcement and have enjoyed my work with the City of Ennis Police Department,” said Lopez.

Throughout his career as a police officer, he has enjoyed working in a capacity that not only maintains the peace and security of the community but also in a capacity that affords him the opportunity to work with what he feels is the greatest asset of the citizens of Ennis, the children.

“I had the privilege of working with the Boys and Girls Club in its beginning stages, served as a board member of the Friends of the Library, and served as a board trustee for the Ennis Independent School District,” he said.

Lopez has been married to wife Roxanne for 18 years, and they have three children and three grandchildren. Roxanne works for Mike Moreland State Farm Insurance in Ennis.

If elected City Marshal on May 12, 2007, Lopez says he plans to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Ennis by:

Establishing a Citizen on Patrol or COP program allowing citizens and neighborhoods to come together and work with the police department to protect each other and thereby informing gangs and drug traffickers that this community is united against their illegal activities;

Reinstating the Street Crime Unit and adding a K-9 Unit to help with the deterrence of drugs and crimes;

Bringing back to our city a program similar to the D.A.R.E. Program, a project that works with children to give them the skills and knowledge to avoid drugs as well as negative peer pressure;

Continuing the education of police officers by developing and implementing in-service training opportunities that are in compliance with State mandates;

Enforcing State and City Ordinances to preserve order, protect life and property, and to enhance the overall quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Ennis, Texas.

In summary, if elected City Marshal, I vow to you, the citizens of this community, that I will work diligently with honesty, fairness, and integrity to ensure that the public peace and safety are maintained under my watch.

“I respectfully ask that you cast your vote for me on May 12, 2007, and I thank you in advance for your continued support.

Please visit us at our campaign headquarters located at 115 W. Knox Street or visit me on the web at www.myspace.com/sidlopez.

Bill McBee and his family have lived in Ennis for 36 years. He has been married for 37 years to Juanita, who is presently a fourth grade teacher at Ennis Intermediate School. They have two daughters and four granddaughters. McBee and his wife are members of the United Methodist Church while most of his children and grandchildren are members of the Tabernacle Baptist Church.

McBee served eight years in the United States Marine Corps in the administrative field. He is a Vietnam veteran and was honorably discharged from with the rank of Staff Sergeant. He joined the Dallas Police Department where he served for thirteen years and six months in the patrol division and the vice control division - drug abuse section. He left the Dallas Police Department to form his own petroleum land service company, which he ran until the decline of the oil and gas industry. He joined the Ennis Police Department in October of 1986 and has served for more than twenty years.

He was in the patrol division for one year and was then promoted to detective where he served in the criminal investigation division for eight years and two years in the youth division. He was promoted to captain of the criminal investigation division in October 1997 and served in that capacity until 2000. He was appointed interim Chief of Police on March 30, 1999, and served in that capacity until June 18, 1999, when the new Chief of Police arrived and assumed command. He was reassigned to a newly created office shortly after the new Chief assumed his duties.

McBee has a Master peace officer certification and an Instructor license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. He also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Abilene Christian University that he earned while working for the Dallas Police Department.

“I feel that I am capable of planning, budgeting, directing, managing and overseeing the activities and operations of the Ennis Police Department including administration, records, investigations and patrol. I believe I possess the training, experience and background that fully demonstrates my capability of performing all job functions,” said McBee.

He feels he possesses leadership and public relations skills with a high level of personal and professional integrity. He believes that his knowledge and experience in all the divisions within the police department as well as his tenure as Interim Chief of Police will serve him well in the capacity of city marshal in providing professional police service to the citizens of Ennis.

He has been a certified peace officer since 1968. He has more than 33 years of administrative and supervisory experience that he gained while serving with the U. S. Marine Corps, the Dallas Police Department and the Ennis Police Department. He has eight years of experience in patrol operations. While serving in patrol, he trained numerous rookie police officers for the Dallas Police Department. He has conducted narcotic operations for the Dallas Police Department and the Ennis Police Department. He has more than 10 years experience in the criminal investigation division and the youth division. He was the training coordinator and classroom instructor until the department’s in-service training agreement expired with the Texas Commission on Officers Standards and Education was not renewed. He is presently serving as one of three acting Chiefs of police along with the other two captains of the department.

“I am committed to high professional standards for the department along with professional integrity. I will insist on accountability along with the responsibility,” said McBee.

He plans to work closely with the citizens of Ennis and the city government to ensure that the highest quality of training be made available for the officers of the Ennis Police Department, noting that the training should be beneficial to both the citizens and the officers.

Based on his experience and dedication to the police department, he feels he is the right candidate for the position and asks for the support of the community in the upcoming May 12th election

Daryl Ray Spence, a lifelong resident of Ennis and a criminal investigator for the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department has filed his name as a candidate for the Ennis city marshal election set for May 12.

Spence, a 1986 graduate of Ennis High School, is the son of James and Judy Alford Cryer and Delma Ray and Merle Spence also of Ennis. Daryl’s wife, Michele, is a surgical assistant for Dr. Richard Harper of Corsicana. They have three children, RaeAnne, 19, Justin, 15 and Edward, 7, and two stepchildren, Aaron, 19, and Austin, 13. They are members of the Baylor Baptist Church.

Spence feels he will bring a fresh perspective and fresh ideas, based on his experiences in the Ellis County and Dallas County sheriff’s epartments, to make Ennis a better community and to improve the relationship between the Department and the citizens of Ennis.

He would like to see the Crime Stopper program begin to have public meetings to gather information on the crime around town and he would also like to have the city participate in the “National Night Out” and other community awareness programs.

Prior to receiving a degree, Spence volunteered as a firefighter with the Ennis Fire Department while he attended Navarro College. He worked for his father, Delma Ray Spence, at Spence Dozer Service, then became a supervisor for Mike French with the Mowing Edge. Later he worked for Leggett and Platt of Ennis. He then traveled 25 states working with customers and other Leggett and Platt branches before joining the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department as a detention officer. Spence attended the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Academy and obtained his detention officers license. After one year Spence was promoted to a position supervising inmates as they prepared and delivered food to various Dallas County jail facilities.

While Spence was working nights with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, he attended Eastfield College Police Academy in Mesquite, Texas and obtained his basic peace officer’s license. Spence was appointed by Chief Dale Holt as a reserve officer with the Ennis Police Department. Spence became a detention officer with Ellis County and continued to be a reserve with the Ennis Police Department until he was sworn in as a deputy sheriff with Ellis County. He also served in the Navy Reserve with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB 22) as a seabee until his honorable discharge.

He has accumulated more than 1,180 hours of law enforcement training including field training officer school and family violence school and other courses.

Spence believes that his knowledge and experience in all the divisions within the sheriff’s department will serve him well in the office of city marshal in providing professional police service to the citizens of Ennis.

Spence feels that he is capable of overseeing, directing, planning, managing and budgeting the activities and operations of the Ennis Police Department.

Spence respectfully requests that the citizens of Ennis place their trust in him and elect him for city marshal on May 12.

City Commission Candidates

Carolyn Frazier, City Commissioner Ward 2 has announced her candidacy for re-election.

Frazier has served as city commissioner for Ward 2 for the past 14 years. “Throughout these years,

Frazier feels her primary goal has been to promote a better Ennis. In the past 14 years new growth has included: Lions Park, Grace Towne Apartments, single-family homes, a senior citizen complex, improved streets, and new business enterprises. She plans to continue to endorse such decisions that improve her ward and the city.

“Ultimately, the citizens of Ennis at large and Ward 2 in particular mean a great deal to me. Your support keeps me mindful of the responsibility entrusted to me by your vote. I am committed to helping our City Commission make good sound judgments that will benefit every ward and every citizen in Ennis. Your vote is important—a vote for Carolyn Frazier is a vote for integrity, experience, and dedication. I will remain accessible, approachable and dutiful to the citizens of Ward 2 and the city of Ennis. I would appreciate your vote as I seek re-election for City Commissioner Ward 2.”

Ken Spicer has announced his candidacy for the Ward 2 city commission seat in the upcoming election.

He was born in Ennis in Oct 1949, and graduated from Ennis High School as part of the class of 1968. He lives with wife, Dorothy, on Brown St. and between the pair they have a total of 10 children, seven of which still live in Ennis in different parts of the city.

Spicer spent most of his adult career working in the telecommunications business starting in 1970 and going through 2001. More than half of those years he worked in a supervisory position, with his last job being an engineering supervisor for over 16 engineers. He is now semi-retired and helps his wife with her business, The Red Moon Caf/.

He says he feels that the people in Ennis need to be better informed about the issues that effect them.

“I believe most people in Ennis have no idea what ward they live in or who their commissioner is. I believe that one of the most important issues facing Ennis is the Police Department. We have many fine officers on the force but they need the resources to do their job and enough officers on the streets to be effective,” said Spicer.

He feels a working relationship with the public is essential to being a good commissioner.

“I will always be open to the public and try my best to be as accessible as possible. I would like to be your voice on the City Commission. So again, I ask for your vote and support on May 12. I welcome input, questions or suggestions.