ENNIS - Ennis ISD officials will outline their plan later today to parents of students who would have attended the intermediate school this fall.

A decision was made last week to close the school indefinitely while the district decides the fate of the building, which has been plagued with structural problems since it was built 10 years ago.

The informational meetings, which will be held at San Jacinto Auditorium, 401 N. Gaines, will be an opportunity for parents to hear the details and voice any concerns about the transition.

“I promise to answer all questions that parents may have at the meetings and I would like everyone to know that the district has a plan in place to make sure that the kids will be taken care of to the fullest extent possible,” school Superintendent Dr. Eddie Dunn said.

Parents with fourth-grade students will meet at 5 p.m. and fifth-grade students and their parents will meet at 7 p.m.

“We want to reach as many people as we can through these meetings,” Dunn said. “It is important that the community understand what changes this development will mean for their families. It is also important to understand that all safety issues have been handled, no one is unsafe or at risk, we are on top of the situation.”

Dunn said all possible measures are being taken to provide a smooth transition for students and a satisfactory setting for them to receive a quality education.

“The fourth- and fifth-grade students will start classes on the first day of school as planned. We have a solid plan in place so the children will start school in a good setting,” Dunn said.

The plan will see most of the students housed in classrooms throughout the district, while some students will attend classes at a local church.

Tabernacle Baptist Church will house six of the fifth-grade classes temporarily while the district secures the permits needed to set up portable classrooms already owned by the district at the Sixth Grade Center.

The EISD daycare will also be moved to the church.

Most of the fourth-grade students will return to the elementary campus where they attended third grade and parents can check class lists that will be posted on the doors of the intermediate building Wednesday, Aug. 22. An open house will be held for students at the elementary schools Thursday evening.

Students will have access to all programs that would have been offered at the intermediate school and faculty and staff will be used by the district to help facilitate the move.

More details will be given during the meetings and will also be available on the district’s Web site, www.ennis.k12.tx.us.