Parents of Waxahachie ISD grades 6-12 students are reminded about several significant changes that have been made to the district’s Secondary Student Dress Code.

On May 14, the WISD board of trustees adopted recommendations as made by the secondary principals and Deputy Superintendent David Truitt based on prior feedback from community members and the secondary teachers and staffs.

Each recommendation was data-driven through extensive research and review of all student dress code discipline referrals for the past school year, as well as input gathered during WISD’s discussions regarding the implementation of a dress menu.

As part of the process, a team of WISD administrators visited Red Oak and Ennis ISDs to review their new dress uniform menus. More than 20 dress codes from various Dallas area school districts were reviewed as well.

During the summer, two mailers highlighting the new code were mailed to every secondary student and family in WISD. Also, information regarding the changes to the code was posted on the district Web site in June.

With only several weeks left until the start of school Aug. 27, WISD officials said they recognize that many families are making final selections and purchases of back-to-school clothing and that they are continuing their effort to remind everyone about the new dress standards.

The following dress expectations are outlined in the new code:

Shirts, Tops and Blouses

T-shirts, other than WISD clubs, organizations, sports or spirit T-shirts, college or university T-shirts, or solid-colored T-shirts, are prohibited. Permitted T-shirts must have rounded necklines and sleeves or cap sleeves. The sleeves must be hemmed. Small logos, symbols or crests on the front of the shirt or pocket are acceptable.

Polo-style (knit) shirts and shirts with collars are acceptable for boys and girls. Blouses or shirts with low-cut necklines are prohibited. Tank tops, spaghetti straps and off-the-shoulder shirts, blouses or sweaters are prohibited. Shirts, blouses and sweaters that show the torso when arms are raised above the head are prohibited. All polo style (knit) shirts and shirts with collars containing pictures or slogans that are provocative, offensive, sexual or suggestive in nature, vulgar, lewd or obscene are prohibited. Alcohol and tobacco pictures or slogans are also prohibited.

For girls, all untucked shirts, tops and blouses may not extend below the middle of the thigh.

All boys must tuck their shirts in their pants or shorts. If the pair of shorts or pants does not have belt loops, the student must still tuck in his shirt.

Dresses, Skirts, Shorts and Pants

All shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than fingertip length when arms are held at one’s side are prohibited. Low-cut necklines are prohibited. Dresses must have sleeves that are hemmed or cap sleeves.

No sagging pants or shorts will be allowed. A belt must be worn inside the belt loops at all times. All pants and shorts are to be worn around the normal waist area.

Apparel and Outerwear

Warmup suits, sweat suits, sweat pants, biker shorts, spandex, overalls, soccer- or boxer-style shorts and cotton pants with drawstrings or elastic waistbands are prohibited in the academic classroom. As found in previous dress codes, athletic mesh shorts are prohibited. Examples of these include Nike and Adidas.

Trench coats, dusters and one-piece jump suits are prohibited. Professional or collegiate athletic team coats or jackets are prohibited. And example are starter jackets.

Professional or collegiate athletic team jerseys are prohibited.

All hooded sweatshirts and sweatshirts with rounded necklines must follow the new T-shirt guidelines (examples: solid, WISD or collegiate). Hoods shall not be worn indoors. All hooded sweatshirts and sweatshirts with rounded necklines do not have to be tucked in.

All camouflage, all black, all red, all blue, et cetera, attire is prohibited.

Torn clothing and clothing with holes are prohibited.

WISD dresss policy available on-line

For information regarding footwear, grooming and allowable clothing accessories, review the complete code on the WISD Web site at

Working together

“Students, parents, teachers and administrators must work together to assume responsibility for complying and enforcing the new dress code,” Truitt said. “It is our goal of WISD to have a great first day to the 2007-08 school year.

“These new rules will be enforced beginning the first day of school on Aug. 27. If parents have any questions regarding the dress code, they need to contact their child’s school principal or the WISD administration building prior to the first day of school,” he said. “On the first day of school, students who do not follow the dress code guidelines will be given every chance to correct the issue.

“Our goal is for every student to be in compliance with the code and in class ready to learn,” he said. “I encourage every family to review the entire code and PowerPoint slideshow on our district Web site.”

On the district Web site, the following questions are posted to help families when purchasing shirts. When purchasing a T-shirt, make sure it meets one of the following guidelines:

WISD spirit shirt?

Solid color (with or without pocket)?

College or university?

When purchasing a shirt that does not meet the above guidelines, remember to make sure that it:

Has a collar.

Has sleeves or cap sleeves.

(for girls) Does not have a low-cut neckline.

Is not covered in slogans, printed symbols or pictures.

“WISD firmly believes that a safe and orderly learning environment is one of the keys to a successful school year,” Superintendent Tom Collins said. “Our goals are to provide a safe and orderly learning environment for all students. (We have) implemented new dress code safeguards and guidelines to help ensure that student dress code infractions are decreased for the 2007-08 school year and encourage professional and responsible dress for all students.

“We want the first day of school to go smoothly for every student in Waxahachie ISD,” Collins said.

For more information on secondary dress code changes, contact the WISD administration offices at (972) 923-4631 or visit the district’s Web site at