As she approaches her seventh anniversary as Alvarado’s City Manager, Mary Daly is optimistic about the financial stability and future growth of Alvarado.

John and Mary Daly moved from Irving to the Cherokee County town of Rusk in East Texas where John operated a tax/bookkeeping business. She worked at several part-time jobs while she continued her education at University of Texas at Tyler where Daly received her master’s degree in business administration.

She was hired as city manager of Rusk in 1997, a position she held for almost three years when she accepted a similar post with Alvarado in 2000.

“We have a 4 percent unemployment rate and our city’s income from sales tax is 124 percent of the city budget,” Daly said, noting two restaurant pads already being platted as well as a Starbucks and a strip shopping center,” she said.

Daly also noted the growth in the number of motels being built in the “triangle,” as the area inside Highway 67, I-35 and Parkway continues to expand.

“We have the new Super 8, the Day’s Inn which is always full, and soon to be built — the LaQuinta and Best Western.

Daly is especially proud of the new Parkway Park saying that Phase I will include a 6 feet wide concrete walking trail, covered pavilion with tables, barbecue grill, playground and washer court.

Citing the fire that happened on a playground in Arlington a couple of months ago, Daly said the fire was caused from spontaneous combustion as a result of having mulch that was treated with chemicals.

“The mulch we are going to use on the playgrounds at Parkway Park will not have treated mulch, but it will pure organic mulch with no additives,” Daly said.

Asked how the park will be funded, Daly responded, “We received a $50,000 grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, and also the park will receive funds from the Economic Development Commission (4B sales tax) which is a one-half cent sales tax which the city voted to do in 2001.”

Daly said that Phase II of the construction of Parkway Park will include a water splash pad, a rock wall with a recirculating stream and pond, a sports court, skate park, extra picnic areas and restrooms.

“I believe the natural feature of the landscape lends itself to a beautiful neighborhood park,” Daly said, saying that the city is hoping to one day purchase 50 to100 acres to build a community park.

“Although I am approaching seven years as city manager of Alvarado, I just want to underscore the fact that Mayor Durington and our city council are the ones who should receive the credit for the good things that are happening here in Alvarado,” Daly said, noting, “They are elected by the taxpayers and they are the ones who set the goals and course for the city.”