During its Monday meeting, the Alvarado City Council held a public hearing regarding ordering repair, removal or demolition of properties at 104 East Weaver, 108 East Weaver and 110 East Weaver, owned by John Swindle.

The council voted to give Swindle 90 days to make necessary repairs and to bring buildings up to city code with updated reports every 30 days.

Doug Ballard, city code enforcement officer and inspector, told the council the first priority for the buildings are to order an asbestos report and to hire a structural engineer to inspect the buildings. He also emphasized that securing permits for work would necessitate using only licensed contractors.

The council also gave Swindle 30 days to acquire permits to begin repairs on 701 Santa Fe and 210 W. Purdon.

In other action, the council denied a request filed by Mark Minor, owner of Renegade Fireworks, to relocate his business in Alvarado. Minor told the council that Burleson’s south annexation made it necessary for Minor move.

The council approved a request for issuance of a Specific Use Permit to allow a storage facility to continue to store explosives in an M-2 (Heavy Industrial, Manufacturing) Zone. The explosives in question were described as being minimal risk, and only the types of explosives described to the council would be permitted.

The Juvenile Curfew Ordinance was adopted and ratified, which would continue curfew for juveniles Monday - Thursday from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. and Friday - Sunday from midnight - 6 a.m. Mayor Tom Durington and the board stressed the need for the general public to assist the Alvarado Police Department in enforcing the curfew.

Two items on the agenda were tabled until next meeting:

consideration and action regarding issuance of city of Alvarado Combination Tax and Surplus Revenue Certificates of Obligation, and the consideration and action for the 2007-2008 Fiscal Year Operating Budget.