Lone Star Auto Club is making plans for a big “Support The Troops” cruise to the State Capitol on Memorial Day.

Motorists taking part in the cruise are asked to bring an American Flag and attach it to their vehicle. Residents not taking part in the cruise are asked to honk their horn when they see a flag on a Lone Star vehicle cruising the streets of Midlothian.

The May 28 cruise will start in Midlothian at 9 a.m. in Brookshires’ westside parking lot and motor to Austin for a loop or two around the Capitol and stop at reserved parking. The cruise will stop for a rest break at Temple.

“I’ve talked to the Department of Public Safety about that trip and we’re looking for an escort,” said Miller. “We have been in touch with several people in Austin and will rally on Colorado Street just west of the Capitol.”

Miller said the cruise is open to anyone and not limited to classic or antique cars.

“We’re still trying to raise money for our veteran’s memorial monument,” said Miller. “As always we will have a jar set up for donations. Larger donations will be directed to our club secretary.”

A U.S. Army veteran, Miller said Texans and Midlothian residents don’t need to forget those serving their country on Memorial Day.

“I could care less about your view on the war,” said Miller. “There are men and women from around here in harms way right now. We don’t ever need to forget them.”

Miller is seeking to raise $20,000 to pay for a black marble monument that will honor all branches of the military. Accounts have been set up at all Citizens National Bank and Wacovia Bank locations in Midlothian.

Miller said he plans to run the fundraiser until the money is raised.

“We want to pay tribute to the veterans that have served the United States faithfully and also to those that served and fell in the battle to keep our country free,” Miller said. “Please give from your heart so that we may see this monument placed for a most worthy cause.”

A six-foot tall centerpiece will be flanked by two long stones that will stretch 16-feet. The centerpiece will contain the likeness of three soldiers. The two flanking stones will contain the seals of all the branches of the military.

A “Veterans Walk,” made up of bricks containing the names of local veterans, will surround the monument.

Miller said every penny donated will go directly to the purchase of the monument.

“We want to thank City Hall for being open to this idea and we want to thank those who have already volunteered to help,” said Miller. “This is a big project and we need all the help we can get.”

Donations can be made by stopping by Wormy’s shop in the Back Alley Plaza in downtown Midlothian.

For more information contact Frank “Wormy” Miller at (972) 978-3610, or e-mail him at tazruner@sbcglobal.net or fax at (972) 775-3773.