RED OAK – Firefighters responded to a structure fire at the post office on Ovilla Road at about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

“A welder was doing some repairs to the back entrance where they take a lot of the bulk mail in. He was welding on the doorframe and heat and sparks caught the wall on fire. The fire traveled up the back exterior wall and then got into the attic,” Red Oak Fire Chief Eric Thompson said.

“We were able to knock the fire down pretty quick. I put crews in the attic to check for extension of the fire. When we had the crews up there they found additional fire traveling up the exterior wall. So we were putting hose lines up in the attic. Basically we had to take the back wall apart to get to the fire because they had plywood up the whole wall,” he said.

The firefighters had to take all of the plywood down because the fire was traveling between the plywood and the brick, Thompson said, noting that the post office was shut down for about an hour and a half due to the fire operations. No mutual aid was needed with the exception of the Glenn Heights Fire Department, which filled in for Red Oak at the station. Automatic aid from neighboring departments was disregarded, Thompson said, reporting no injuries from the fire.

“None of the front part of the facility was damaged or anything and no mail was damaged. Total damages would be around $5,000,” Thompson said. 

“It did affect their operations during the incident because we had to turn off the power and the utilities. Once we got the fire out and everything was secure, then we restored power,” with the post office able to reopen.

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