County officials have announced that final paperwork securing property on Sonoma Trail in Ennis is complete.

“A promise made is a promise kept,” County Judge Chad Adams said in a press release Thursday. “The court had promised the citizens of the Ennis area that we would work to provide a facility that better meets their needs and, through the leadership of Commissioners Dennis Robinson and Bill Dodson, we are following through.”

Robinson, in Pct. 1, said he is glad the property has been secured.

 “Now we are going to be able to better serve the people on the east side of the county – that’s what was important to me,” he said. “We’ll be able to provide some facilities that are convenient to the citizens in this area.”

Dodson, in Pct. 2, said he is in full agreement.

“The property just purchased on Sonoma Trail in Ennis is in an excellent location,” he said. “The new sub-courthouse will have easy access, plenty of parking and will help serve the residents of eastern Ellis County.”

Facilities will house those offices located in the sub-courthouse on the corner of Ennis Avenue and Dallas Street in Ennis, including the justice of the peace and constable offices for Pct. 1, the veterans’ services office, the satellite tax office and the satellite indigent health office.

“If it is economically feasible, this might also allow us to have an opportunity to add some more services we don’t have there now,” Robinson said. “That might be beneficial for other county departments and beneficial for the people.”

Purchase of the real property is the first step in the overall project.

“Next we will be working on completing the design and all the other steps that have to be taken care of in moving toward the bid process,” Dodson said, noting that county engineer Joe White has been working with commissioners and other officials to develop the design proposal.

“This is going to be a facility that the citizens of the area can be proud of,” Robinson said.          

No timelines have yet been set for the remainder of the project.