Some thieves would just as soon vandalize parked vehicles and residential property in the daylight as to wait until dark.

Carla Holsinger discovered her 2007 Ford F-150 pickup wouldn’t start as she attempted to leave for lunch Tuesday from Baylorworx, located in the Northgate shopping center, where she works as a physical therapist technician.

“I usually get to work in the morning at 7:30 and, when I came out to go to lunch at 11 a.m., the truck wouldn’t start,” Holsinger said. “I called for a tow truck to come haul my pickup out to Thornhill’s. They checked it out and discovered that a 2-foot section of wiring harness had been removed from underneath and the copper wire in it was taken.”

Holsinger said she was informed that while only $10 worth of copper wire was taken, the cost, including labor, would be $2,000 to repair her truck which will have to be completely rewired.

“When the police came out to question me about it, they told me the same thing happened to another pickup parked in front of JCPenney the same morning,” Holsinger said, saying the police informed her they would try to stake out some parking lots in town.

“It’s very disturbing,” Holsinger said. “I didn’t think a thing like this could ever happen to me.”  

She said she was told by police that people should take some precautions including being aware of surroundings when approaching the vehicle in a parking lot, push the panic button if necessary and try not to park in a secluded area. She was also informed by the police that vandals are targeting air-conditioning units at homes and residents should be observant.

“I’m just glad the thieves weren’t under my truck when I came out to get in it,” Holsinger said.

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