Daily Light staff writer

Since 1954, the First United Methodist Church has hosted an annual pancake and chili day. This year was no exception, with the Covenant class hosting the event on Saturday, inviting the community to enjoy pancakes and sausage in the morning and homemade chili during lunchtime.

“We’ve had people from throughout the community attend,” said Frank Meyner, Covenant class president. “A lot of people look forward to it every year.”

Olivia Harrington, member of the Covenant class, said the event was founded by the Fidelis class. After more than 40 years of hosting the event, the Fidelis class passed the event down to the Covenant class about 10 years ago.

“Fred and I have been involved for about eight years. My parents were in it when it started,” Harrington said. “It was held downtown, then it moved to different churches.”

“This is a long standing tradition in this church,” Fred Harrington said. “We do it as a fund-raiser. That money is used by our class for our charitable activities — a lot involve the church, but more than half goes to community charitable activities.”

Meyner explained that the money traditionally goes to the Salvation Army and Daniel’s Den. This year, a portion of the money will help support a couple traveling to Papua New Guinea as missionaries.

“We like to spread our money around to a lot of different things,” Meyner said.

The class participates in all aspects of the event, from cooking the pancakes and sausage, making the chili and cornbread, providing cookies and cakes for the bake sale held in coordination with the event and cleaning.

“Everyone in the class enjoys it, looks forward to it and would be terrified if we ever gave it up,” Fred Harrington said.

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