Army Spec. Jason McCully is returning home to his friends and family in Waxahachie after three years of service in the military, including 11 months in Iraq as a helicopter pilot.

While serving as a member of the 2nd Infantry, McCully was injured in the line of fire in December 2004 and then again in June 2005.

After the June injury, he was medically evacuated to Germany and then flown to the States for surgery.

Since his surgery he has been stationed with his wife and four children at Fort Carson, Colo.

According to his wife, Marirose, the paperwork has been filed for him to receive a Purple Heart, given to soldiers injured or killed while serving in the U.S. military.

But with his injury, life has changed for the McCullys, who were married just three years ago. McCully now has to live with seizures throughout the day and Marirose was forced to quit her job to care for him.

“Our car has been repossessed and we’re having difficulty making ends meet,” Marirose said. “We’ve filled out the necessary paperwork but the orders for us to clear the post have been delayed due to the bad weather. I had to quit my job and stay home to take care of him because he has seizures. I haven’t been able to work and the only car we’ve had was the Mustang his mother bought him after graduation. With four kids it just doesn’t work.”

The McCullys have four children, ranging in age from 5 to 15 years old.

Marirose said the family has become dependent upon neighbors living at the base to take them place-to-place with their mini-van but when they leave Fort Carson they will have to learn to lean on new friends and family in their hometown.

When McCully’s orders are cleared, the family plans to return to Waxahachie to be closer to Jason’s family and his hometown, where he graduated from high school in 1991.

“We hope to return to Waxahachie within the next two weeks,” Marirose said. “All of Jason’s family is there and my parents live there as well.”

Marirose said the family’s biggest challenges will be in finding a home, a job for her and reliable transportation.

McCully’s benefits from the military are less than $700 a month.

The 2006 federal poverty guideline for a family of six is an annual income of $26,800.

“It’s pretty much constant supervision required for him,” Marirose said. “Yesterday he had a number of seizures and was up all night being sick, now he’ll be completely worn out for several days from the seizures. I’m just trying to take care of him and my family.”

As of press time, no account has been set up locally for the family but individuals interested in helping the family can contact Marirose McCully at (719) 216-1113.

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