According to a report released by Ennis City Manager Steve Howerton, the annual objectives of the various departments that make up the services provided by the city are on target for goals set by the city for the third quarter of the 2006-2007 fiscal year.

The report had 57 objectives that were almost all attained according to Howerton.

“The report shows that almost all objectives were met with exceptions being things that are not under the city’s control, such as in the police department were maintenance on cars cost more than anticipated and also some criminal activity increased causing other areas to fall short of meeting the objective goal,” he said.

Howerton went on to say that while those areas were below the goal, the department had done a great job in bringing the number of homicides in the city from three the previous year to none.

The report also showed a 45.1 percent increase in accident investigations compared to the same time in the 2005-2006 fiscal year and a 16.2 percent increase in the total amount of crimes reported from the pervious year.

The fire department has completed 54 hours of competency based training for each employee, reaching 75 percent of the annual goal. The department has also completed nine pre-plan tours of various local industries to familiarize themselves with the operation should they have to respond to an emergency situation. The department objective is to complete 12 tours before the end of the fiscal year.

The inspection department has met 92 percent of the annual objective by identifying and processing 23 sub-standard structures or properties. They have also increased the turn around time of reviews made to submitted plan permits to be within a 14 day period. The department has reviewed 198 plan permits in the third quarter meeting 100 percent of the annual objective.

The environmental health department has met 65.3 percent of their third quarter objective to inspect all food establishments once every six months. They have also completed 115.7 percent of the minimum objective of having the animal control officer patrol the streets a minimum of 50 hours per month.

The tourism department met 78 percent of the annual objective to increase the number of collateral materials distributed to 50,000 pieces for the fiscal year by distributing a total of 39,029 pieces. They also met 91 percent of the annual objective to stimulate public awareness through unpaid advertising and media attention for Ennis tourism with 35 broadcast placements. They have generated 32 radio/TV placements in the third quarter.

The library department has exceeded the annual objective by 115 percent. The goal saw the library adding 2828 new items to the collection. They also met 74.8 percent of the annual objective for patron visits with a total of 75,964 visits throughout the third quarter.

The parks and recreation department has met the annual mowing objective by 80.7 percent for the third quarter. Based on a four week mowing cycle, 21 out of 26 areas have been mowed during the mowing season. They have also met 100 percent of the annual objective of repairing and servicing all buildings, structures and play equipment in 17 parks throughout the city.

The public works department has met the objective to oversee and construct sidewalks in the downtown area by constructing about 400 square feet of sidewalks throughout the third quarter. They also completed 112.5 percent of the annual objective of applying 280 tons of patch material by applying 315 tons of material.

The sanitation department has cleaned 144 miles of right of way area throughout the third quarter, meeting 75 percent of the annual goal. They have also repaired 18 dumpsters, meeting 60 percent of the annual goal.

The equipment services department met the goal of completing 95 percent of the preventative work orders submitted throughout the third quarter. The department received 222 work orders and successfully completed all of them. They have also maintained 92 percent of the annual equipment maintenance budget throughout the third quarter.

The utility department has improved 14 out of 15 areas in the distribution system where customers have experienced low water pressure, meeting the third quarter goal by 93.3 percent. They also exceeded the goal for scheduled mainline cleaning by 131.2 percent, cleaning 18,995 feet of lines.

The Management by Objectives Report (MBO) has been an annual program used by the city for the last 26 years, to better utilize personnel and equipment to achieve desired results.

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