The city commission is moving closer to gaining the right of way access needed for a four-lane, urban design roadway to accommodate the high school expansion project and the new junior high.

In a recent commission meeting, commissioners voted to purchase another parcel of land, moving closer to the total of 16 parcels that need to be acquired. The road expansion will include the area from Highway 34 and move south to the bypass. The right of way issue is necessary to widen the road and allow for expansion.

City Manager Steve Howerton says the landowners in the area have been very helpful in the city’s goals and have made things move very quickly.

"The land owners have been very supportive of the situation and have helped us move forward with this project. We are very appreciative that they have made the process move forward without any difficulties," he said.

The city can declare imminent domain on the property and claim it in an effort to meet their goals but would rather work with the homeowners to solve the issue.

The only other major item on the agenda saw the commission voting to change a provision in their drought contingency plan.

"The state requires us to have a drought contingency plan and to evaluate it periodically. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has recently required all cities to change the way wholesale purchasers of water are dealt with during a drought and we had to made a small change in our plan," Howerton said.

The change will require the city to give notice to wholesale purchasers that when the city has to reduce the supply of water to citizens that they will also reduce the supply available for wholesale purchase.

"It is a fairly straight forward provision and does not alter our main plan in any way. With the recent weather we have experienced it is not likely we will have to worry about the possibility of a drought for some time," he said.

The city commission meets at 6 pm in workshop, with the regular meeting at 7 pm the first and third Monday of the month at city hall, 115 W. Brown St.