Name:  Cindy Polley

Current position: County Clerk

Age: 57

City of residence: Waxahachie


• Waxahachie High School

• Navarro Junior College

• Completed more than 400 hours of education through the County and District Clerk’s Association of Texas including courses through the VG Young Institute of County Government at  Texas  A&M University and the University of Texas School of Law. I have also completed course work offered by the Texas College of Probate Judges, Texas Secretary of State, Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics and the Texas Association of Counties

Professional credentials/certifications/ commendations (relative to office):

• Nineteen years experience as County Clerk

• Certified by the State of Texas

• Instructor for the County and District Clerks of Texas

• Instructor for the VG Young Institute of County Government at Texas A&M, University and the Texas State Bureau of Vital Statistics

• Awards of Merit from the County and District Clerk’s Association of Texas for service in Education and Legislation

• Member Ellis County Republican Women

Prior experience (relative to office):

More than 19 years as Ellis County Clerk

Six years with Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas prior to election for County Clerk in 1990

Family:  A fourth generation Ellis County native I am the daughter of Merle Walker and the late Gordon Walker of Waxahachie. My grandparents were the late George and Mabel Walker and the late Richard and Elsie Curry all of Waxahachie.  I have two daughters and sons in-law Robin and Brad Brown and Mindy and Rodney Scott all of Waxahachie.  My grandchildren are Chelsey and Hayden Brown and Gordon, Graham and Savannah Scott. 

Hobbies: Family, travel, reading and movies

Campaign Web site:

QUESTION 1: In your own words, why are you running for county clerk?

ANSWER:  I want to continue what I started when elected 19 years ago.  

With the help of a great staff we have brought the office from “pencil and ledger” into the world of modern technology.  There is still much to be done and we’re making progress daily. 

I’m proud of our accomplishments. 

QUESTION 2: What do you feel are the duties and responsibilities of the county clerk?

ANSWER: The duties of the clerk are set forth in the Texas Constitution where it states that the county clerk shall serve as the clerk of the county and commissioners’ courts and serve as recorder for the county with duties prescribed by the legislature.

• Support the county courts at law (record and file all papers and exhibits and issue process/civil, probate, guardianship, juvenile, mental and criminal)

• Support commissioners’ court (attending all sessions, recording minutes and holding all papers and effects of the court

• Collection of fines and fees

• Record, index and preserve real and personal property records

• County Registrar of births and deaths

• Issue marriage licenses and record marriages

• Register marks and brands

• Records Management Officer

• Investments and financial management

QUESTION 3: What is your record on voting in Ellis County elections?

ANSWER: I vote! Voting records are public information and I will share my record with anyone who wishes to examine it. 

QUESTION 4: What is the biggest challenge facing the Ellis County Clerk’s office?

ANSWER: In my opinion the greatest challenge will be supporting the needs of our growing county in a struggling economy.  There is more focus than ever before on fiscal accountability and we must find innovative ways to improve services while holding the line on operating costs.  

Another challenge facing the office will be the move to a new government facility later this year.  Moving the counties records, archived information, and carefully preserving our rich history will be a massive project, but is one we are excited about and looking forward to.  

QUESTION 5: What would be your top three goals for the clerk’s office?

ANSWER:     My top three goals for the clerk’s office include:

• Preserving county history through the use of available technology

• Incorporating new technologies within budget restraints

• Electronic filing of records along with web-based access to public records

QUESTION 6: Provide your thoughts on making records available online?

ANSWER:     It’s vital in my opinion that Ellis County public records be available online. 

This process was initiated several years ago but was stalled by concerns over privacy issues which have now been resolved.  Implementation of internet service has been approved by the Commissioners’ Court and we are moving forward.  

QUESTION 7: Are you current on your personal and business taxes?

ANSWER: Yes I am current on all taxes.

QUESTION 8: Have you personally had criminal and/or civil legal issues (this does not include any litigation as a public official) and if so, how were those resolved?

ANSWER: I have never had criminal or civil legal issues.

QUESTION 9: Tell us why you feel you are the best person for this position.

ANSWER: I am the best choice for Ellis County Clerk because I am an experienced administrator and have served Ellis County efficiently and effectively for more than 19 years. 

I am conservative and fiscally responsible.  I have first hand knowledge of the workings and responsibilities of the office. 

Ellis County is my home and I have a vested interest in preserving our county’s history for future generations. I consider it an honor to serve as your clerk.