During the month of September the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will host several free pesticide and chemical collection events.

All Texas residents are invited to dispose of their agricultural chemicals from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Sept. 12 at the Navarro County Precinct Barn No. 1 located at 3640 W. Highway 31, Corsicana.

No wastes will be accepted from chemical dealers, school chemistry or biology labs or franchise pesticide applicators certified by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board.

There will be six events in September each taking place in a different county within Texas. The closest location to Ellis County will be the event at the Navarro County barn.

For a copy of the complete schedule, visit www.co.ellis.tx.us or call the TCEQ at (512) 239-3143.

Items that can be accepted include agricultural chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, oil (limit to two 55-gallon drums), oil filters (no oil or oil filters from businesses, grease, diesel fuel (less than 5 gallons in quantity), power steering fluid, paint, gasoline, fluorescent bulbs, lead-acid batteries and brake fluid.

Items that will not be accepted include tires, radioactive materials, explosives, household materials, compressed gas, herbicides containing 2, 4, 5-T or 2, 4, 5-TP (Silvex), biomedical wastes, ammunition, pesticides or wood preservatives containing pentachlorophenol (unless less than 5 gallons in quantity), nutrient materials that are neither hazardous nor contain pesticide admixtures

For information on how to safely transport and handle waste materials call the TCEQ at (512) 239-3142 or visit www.tceq.state.tx.us/assistance/AgWaste/agwaste.html

In case of emergency call:

Chemical Emergency (800) 424-9300 (spill, leak, fire, or accident)

Exposure Emergency (800) 764-7661 (Texas State Poison Control Center)