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Out of the 45 Waxahachie High School Charmers, seven are seniors; and out of those seven, three have been awarded college scholarships to compete in dance at the collegiate level.

The recipients are Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Dan and Barbara Davis; Kati Sneed, daughter of Keith and Stacy Sneed; and Maddie Taylor, daughter of Heath and Chrissie Taylor.

Davis, awarded a $6,000 scholarship, has been accepted to Lon Morris University in Jacksonville, Texas; Sneed, awarded a $1,200 scholarship, has been accepted to Trinity Valley Community College in Athens; and Taylor, awarded a $900 scholarship, has also been accepted to TVCC.

All three have been Charmers for three years, but actively began dancing their freshmen year as members of the junior varsity drill team.

Although dancing is what they all have in common, each had her own motivational tool in continuing their love for dance.

Ive been dancing practically my whole life and plus my sister, Katie, was a Charmer, Davis said. Its kind of like Im following in her footsteps.

Ive liked dancing pretty much all my life, Sneed said. I grew up watching the Charmers and Ive always thought they were really good.

Id never taken dancing before - only cheerleading - but I used to always watch them (Charmers) when I was younger, Taylor said. It wasnt until my freshman year when I tried out for it and I noticed I caught on quick and realized this was something I could do so I decided to. I wanted to continue improving and become an aspiring officer.

Being accepted to these colleges gives each of the young ladies the opportunity to extend her dance career as well as the opportunity to explore future career goals, with all three planning to pursue teaching careers.

Davis plans to pursue a career in secondary education and also has hopes of becoming either a choreographer or a drill team director. Sneed plans to pursue a career in early childhood teaching and Taylor plans to pursue a career in early childhood teaching and dance.

Each young lady expressed special thanks to particular people whom they said have had a hand in their dance success especially their parents and Charmers instructor Suzann Spaniel.

Ms. Spaniel came in and absolutely turned this team around for the better, Davis said. She did a total 360 with the team. I also want to express my appreciation to my parents because theyve been behind me 100 percent and to my sister, because even though she wasnt here physically, she was here mentally encouraging me to keep going.

I would like to thank my parents for their dedicated support and their money, Sneed said with a smile and a laugh. I would like to thank Ms. Spaniel for her support too.

I would like to thank my parents, Ms. Spaniel and Meredith Hilton for all of their support, Taylor said. Meredith was my big sister my sophomore year in Charmers. Shes always been there to help and weve been friends ever since.

Its likely that most high school seniors are anxious to close the high school chapter of their lives and begin a new chapter at college - and these three are no different.

I am really excited and anxious about going to TVCC, Taylor said, saying shes very ready for the time to come.

Im very excited because I will get to meet new people and have fun dancing, Sneed said, with Davis saying, I am very excited to say the least.

Spaniel, whos been instructing the Charmers for four years, said working with these young women have given her great hopes for future teams to come.

Ive been instructing these young women ever since they were freshmen and this senior group has truly been the foundation of the charmers, Spaniel said. The seniors that are graduating now, along with the other girls, have definitely been a part of rebuilding the foundation. Im very proud of them and their parents and Im also very proud to see them compete at a college level.

These seniors worked really hard to lay the groundwork for future charmers, she said. Theyre just a group of really good people.

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