Ken Chambers and Joe Frizzell are new members of the Midlothian City Council and Ellis County will get new county buildings.

Midlothian voters headed to the polls Saturday to cast ballots for two city council positions and the county passed a $53.875 million bond referendum to build county facilities.

Midlothian saw a dismal 6.9 percent of the 7,411 registered voters cast a ballot for city government. Ellis County voters narrowly approved the county bond with 6,927 votes cast. The bond referendum was approved by a margin of 437 votes — 3,682 for and 3,245 against.

The low Midlothian turnout kept local races close.

Ken Chambers, 64, a loss control auditor, and first-time-candidate, defeated Incumbent Place 3 Councilman Jimmy Beaudoin, 41, a paramedic/nurse, 266-232.

Joe L. Frizzell, 65, retired, defeated write-in candidate Sam Hartson, 270-204.

There were only 517 ballots cast in the city election.

Midlothian has a history of low turnout to elect city leadership. Candidates have repeatedly filed and been unopposed in city elections.

Midlothian ISD had two positions up for election this spring and incumbent school board trustees Jim Mentzel and Phil Seay ran unopposed. MISD voted to save money and not hold an election this spring.

First term Place 4 city councilman Tracy Davidson did not file for re-election. Former city council member and candidate for Midlothian Mayor Paula Baucum initially filed the appropriate paperwork for Place 3 Councilman, but pulled out of the race in March.

Midlothian will hold city elections next spring with Mayor Pro Tem R.J. “Dusty” Fryer, Place 2 Councilman Tommy Mitchell and Mayor Boyce Whatley’s posts up for election.

The Midlothian Independent School District will see Trustee Wayne Shuffield and Trustee

Cindy Williams posts up for election.

County Referendum

In early voting, a total of 2,707 voters were cast with 1,530 voting for the proposition, 1,177 voting against.

“In a lot of respects, there is a sense of excitement about the passage of the bond, but there’s also a sense of humbleness,” County Judge Chad Adams said. “I knew it’d be close, but I just didn’t know which way, to be honest.”

The passage of the bond represents a renewed trust in the county government, Adams said, explaining that “over the last four years, we’ve worked to re-establish a trusting relationship with the citizens, and the citizens have responded with this ‘here you go. Now we’re going to see if we can continue to trust you.’ ”

An important step in helping continue to build that trust will be the citizen’s oversight committee, Adams and Pct. 3 Commissioner Heath Sims said.

“I think we’ve got to do what we told the people,” Sims added. “It’s a good step for the county, but now we’ve got to move forward and do what we’ve said.”

“I think people know the time is right, the growth is here, and it wasn’t going to get any cheaper,” Sims added.

Waxahachie City Council

In the Waxahachie City Council race, voters returned incumbents Chuck Beatty and Buck Jordan to office in the at-large election with the top two voter getters elected.

With 1,043 total votes cast, Beatty received 812 votes, Jordan 661 with challenger Joey Dauben receiving 178. In early voting, a total of 606 votes were cast with Beatty receiving 302, Jordan 256 and Dauben 50.

“It’s very pleasing to me to be re-elected,” Jordan said. “I’m going to put everything I’ve got into it to serve the citizens of Waxahachie.”

Beatty was also pleased with the result, saying that he was glad “that the people had enough much confidence in me to re-elect me.”

“We’ve still got a lot of work to do here in Waxahachie,” Beatty said. “I’m looking forward to making sure that we re-vitalize our downtown. With the bond election passing, the county will be able to sell a lot of these old buildings, and I think free enterprise will take care of that.”

Beatty and Jordan will both serve two-year terms on the council.

WISD Board of Trustees

In the Waxahachie ISD board of trustees race, incumbents Evelyn Coleman and Jim Phillips were both returned to office in the at-large election with the top two voter getters elected.

With a total of 1,970 votes cast, Coleman received 802 votes, Phillips 634 and challenger Floyd Bates received 534 votes. In early voting, a total of 687 votes were cast with Coleman receiving 304, Phillips 257 and Bates 126.

“I am just so appreciative to all the people who supported me,” Coleman said. “I think it’s a privilege to be able to serve our community and our school district.”

Coleman and Phillips will both serve three-year terms on school board.


By a margin of less than 100 votes, residents in the Ellis County Emergency Services District No. 6 approved a resolution allowing the district to increase its maximum tax rate to 10-cents per $100 assessed valuation.

The district’s tax rate is currently 3-cents per $100 assessed valuation, which generates approximately $150,000 to provide equipment and training for the all-volunteer fire district. The district operates two fire stations with a staff of 43 unpaid volunteers. Last year the district responded to more than 600 calls for emergency service.

The district’s board has issued a proclamation that it would only increase the rate to 6-cents per $100 assessed valuation through 2008.

The additional revenue will be used to purchase emergency services equipment for the department’s two fire stations and build a sub station in the north part of the district.

“The bottom line of this thing is, the wisdom and intelligence of the voters is what made this thing go,” Commissioner Jimmy Roy said. “The voters recognized the need and came to the polls and made it happen.”

“I’m excited for the volunteers, for the firemen,” ESD President Jack Dineen said. “I’m so thankful for the commissioners and the hard work they’ve put into this election, and the folks that are really going to benefit are the folks in ESD No. 6.”

“They really are the winners tonight, and I’m just thrilled about that,” Dineen added.

Following are the May 12 election results as of press time Saturday night. All results shown are final counts.

X — Denotes winners

County Bond Election:

X — For - 3,682

Against - 3,245

State Constitutional Amendment:

(Ellis County results only)

For - 5,999

Against - 930

Emergency Service District No. 6

X — For - 319

Against - 226

Ennis City Commission

Ward 2

X — Carolyn C. Frazier (I) - 87

Ken Spicer - 37

Ward 4

X — Lola R. Searcy (I) - 94

Ward 6

X — Robert Taylor (I) - 1,279

Ennis City Marshal

X — John Erisman - 665

Domingo Galban - 114

Greg Housewright - 231

Bill McBee - 267

Sid Lopez - 370

Daryl Ray Spence - 70

Ferris City Council

Place 2

X — Billy Don Dunn (I) - 90

Jay A. Walsh - 56

Place 3

X — Bill Pardue (I) - 110

Place 5

X — Fred C. Pontley (I) - 108

Garrett City Council


X — Florinda Smith (I) - 57

Jeff Wise - 50

Place 1

X — Russell Lee - 83

Place 2

X — Matt Newsom (I) - 86

Garrett local option (alcohol)

X — For - 68

Against - 33

Glenn Heights City Council


X - Clark Choate (I) - 129

Place 2

X - Daniel Freeman - 107

William J. Weyker - 18

Place 4

X - Mary Chancellor (I) - 126

David Anderson - 2

Place 6

X - Victor Pereira - 110

Italy City Council


X — Frank Jackson (I) - 262

David Glass - 9

Wanda Hugghins - 68

City Council

2 seats (at large)

X — Rodney Guthrie (I) - 226

Victor Delephimne - 49

Keith Helms - 130

X — Mark Souder Sr. - 136

Italy ISD

3 seats (at large)

Jackie Cate - 197

Bryant Cockran - 141

X — Curtis Riddle - 212

X — Larry Eubank - 278

X — Cindy Carter - 217

Robert Hodge Jr. - 190

Maypearl City Council


X — Kelly Jacobson - 74

City Council

3 seats (at large)

X — JoAnn Mathers (I) -72

Bob McElyea - 23

Craig Vargas - 23

X — Mary Lynne Sword (I) - 47

X — Barbara Pruitt - 34

Steve Parkhurst - 16

Maypearl 4B sales tax

X — For - 53

Against - 26

Maypearl ISD

Full term

(2 seats at large)

X — Tommy Sword (I) - 162

Clint Bittick - 88

Glenn DuBose - 79

X — James Eubank - 199

Unexpired term

(1 seat at large)

X — Tricia Ikard - 108

Jim Morrison - 94

Brent Taylor - 100

Midlothian City Council

Place 3

Jimmy Beaudoin (I) - 232

X — Ken Chambers - 266

Place 4

X — Joe L. Frizzell - 270

Sam Hartson - 204

Milford City Council

2 seats (at large)

X — Carrie Wallace (I) - 42

Louis Essary (I) - 39

Doug Davis - 37

X — Bob Adamson - 47

Palmer City Council


Greg Penny - 104

X - Lance Anglin - 227

City Council

2 seats (at large)

X - Kenneth Bateman (I) - 231

Carol Moore (I) - 100

X - Dianne Drewery - 210

Palmer ISD

2 seats (at large)

X — Tim Birdwell - 167

James Brazier - 80

X — Darrell Lassetter (I) - 193

Brett Silberstein - 27

Ranee Sparkman - 115

Shelli Vercell (I) - 111

Red Oak City Council

Place 2

Ben Goodwyn (I) - 262 (run-off)

Dawn Little - 272 (run-off)

Mary Grace Ribaric - 51

Jeffrey Smith - 57

Place 4

Bill Brown - 320

X - Casey Hargrove (I) - 322

Place 5

X - Andy Bell - 334

Kris Reeder - 305

Red Oak ISD bond election

X — For - 1,036

Against - 489

Venus City Council


Timothy Leach — 43

Wayne Wadlington — 109

X — Carolyn Welcher (I) — 158

Place 1

X — Randall Buck — 162

Place 2

Casa Gonzales — 140

Teresa Hoffman — 167

Unexpired term

Aubrey Owens — 63

X — Jeannie Prazak — 180

Yvonne Shank — 46

Waxahachie City Council

2 seats (at large)

X — Charles “Chuck” Beatty (I) - 812

X — N.B. “Buck” Jordan (I) - 661

Joseph “Joey” Dauben - 178

Waxahachie ISD

2 seats (at large)

X — Evelyn Coleman (I) - 802

X — Jim Phillips (I) - 634

Floyd Bates - 534

There were no elections for:

Avalon ISD

Bardwell City Council

Ennis ISD

Ferris ISD

Midlothian ISD

Milford ISD

Oak Leaf City Council

Ovilla City Council

Pecan Hill City Council

Red Oak ISD

Venus ISD