It’s not Thanksgiving, but families in need still have to eat in the summer time, as Waxahachie CARE reminded the community at Saturday’s canned food drive outside Minyard’s grocery store.

Not that it needed much reminding — as bread, water, green beans, corn, tuna and more piled up in the collection boxes, Linda Naizer said the drive simply continued the generosity the organization has received and passed on all year long.

“We have had an extraordinary amount of donations this year — we’ve been really blessed,” she said.

Although rapid population growth and summer months can put a strain a food supplies, Naizer said every time supplies start to get low, a church, business, school or simply local folks come through to keep the organization’s shelves well-stocked.

Saturday’s event is the only food drive CARE has organized all year, as the needs have been covered between contributions from the Dallas food bank and eight local food drives conducted by various organizations. She said the Meal a Month program implemented last year among several local churches has also been very successful.

“We’ve never not had food,” she said. “God’s been good to us, that’s all I can say.”

CARE board member Glenn Smith said every month is a busy month for the organization.

“There’s just a constant turn-over. We always need canned foods,” he said. “It’s just like feeding a family — it’s just a really big family.”

About 100 different families are helped with food every month, he said, and meat is usually one of the biggest needs.

Meats and soups go the fastest, Naizer said, though all unopened, non-perishable foods are welcome.

Current demand is high for the organization, she said, because children are not in school and many people are out of work. CARE also assists people in need on their rent and electricity bills, and Naizer estimated they’ve helped nearly 300 local families with their bills this year.

“Summer’s always hard,” she said, and though many people may not think about donating, the needs remain. “It’s not something we can just stop. … I worry about the children and the elderly.”

Individuals helped by CARE must meet certain criteria proving they are in financial need and are actively seeking work and income.

Naizer said the agency is always looking for donations of food, money and time, and is looking for volunteers to help with some computer work for the organization.

“We just want to get more businesses and individuals involved,” she said, and noted special gratitude to Minyard’s for providing a location for the drive and also donating two boxes of food.

More information is available at or (972) 923-2273. Waxahachie CARE is located at 609 Kaufman St.

Smith said CARE’s mission is important to him and he encourages others to get involved, as he has, through their personal and business lives.

“Jesus said, ‘Feed my sheep,’ ” he said. “That’s it — how can we do less?”

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