County commissioners appointed members of the Ellis County Bond Oversight Committee during its meeting Monday.

Ellis County Judge Chad Adams appointed Cathy Altman, John Tabor and Roy Orr, with Orr given the position of chairman.

Pct. 1 Commissioner Dennis Robinson gave positions to Doug Young, Cheree' Barrett and John Wyckoff.

Pct. 2 Commissioner Bill Dodson appointed Jimmy Boon and Bill Lewis to the committee.

Ron Brown, Pct. 4 commissioner, appointed John Knight, Jim Moon and Charles Morton.

Pct. 3 Commissioner Heath Sims said he would have his three appointees at the next meeting this month, at which time they and Dodson’s third pick could be approved.

Dodson had indicated his third nominee had not yet been confirmed.

In other business, the commissioners discussed the possibility of getting a solid waste facility after hearing a presentation from R.W. Beck, presented by Katie Brown.

A decision on the siting ordinance was postponed following a discussion about a one-mile buffer surrounding water sources as proposed in the presentation.

The presentation included a buffer around bodies of water like Lake Waxahachie and the Trinity River, but didn’t do so around others.

“Why didn’t you put a one-mile buffer around Chambers Creek or Red Oak Creek, because those are ultimately water sources too,” Adams asked.

Another factor in postponing the decision was the use of outdated information in the presentation, which included statistics based off of the 2000 Census. The commissioners were concerned this wouldn’t be as useful because of the growth in the county in the last seven years.

Brown said she would adjust her proposal, saying, “We want to make you happy, we want this ordinance to be something that is going to be in place for you for years.

“I have no problem making these changes that you have requested, we just need to find a way to expedite getting all of this information,” she said.

The commissioners then held a public hearing to discuss a condition near Waxahachie and Maypearl that may constitute a public nuisance because of old items such as tires, cars and refrigerators in the yard.

The property, which is located at 5000 Vaca Road, is in the process of being cleaned, but the owner, Adam Gonzales, said he has been unable to continue picking up his yard because of the recent wet weather.

The commissioners approved the expenditure of county funds to abate the nuisance and to assess the cost to the owner and place a lien against the property to ensure payment for the amount expended.

Monday’s meeting also included a lengthy discussion about getting money to fix roads damaged by recent rain.

“We have an obligation to the citizens of rural areas to furnish them with roads they can get up and down,” Dodson said. “There have also been issues with school buses and postal services getting to them and those issues have to be addressed.”

Adams said there are other ways to fix the roads other than using taxpayers’ money.

“To look at the taxpaying citizens as the only source to address the problems is very narrow minded,” Adams said. “There is a litany of avenues to acquire funds for roads as a result of new laws. I would encourage you (the commissioners) rather than raising tax rates, to seek out some of these creative financing mechanisms to be able to fund the roads.”

The commissioners court also approved:

Updates to Westlaw Online resources for legal research for Judge Greg Wilhelm, Ellis County Court at Law No. 1 Retention of legal counsel to represent the Ellis Prairie Soil and Water Conservation District in opposition to a petition seeking to create the Maypearl Water Control and Improvement District in a matter pending before the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality and the State Office of Administrative Hearings at an estimated cost of $5,000 An interlocal agreement between the city of Milford and Pct. 3 for roadwork on Webb Street.