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They are everything their name implies - and more.

Bomshel opens up the weekend at Country Thunder U.S.A., just east of Waxahachie, at high noon on May 25, bringing its own style of modern country to the biggest stage in the land.

Buffy Lawson and Kristy O. are blonde and carry all the power and pomp of that stereotype onto the stage, along with a heavy helping of talent and a cutting edge that is modern country.

Lawson brings the big hair of country legends Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn to the table and the vocals to back it up. Kristy O. is a classically-trained violinist who has donned faded blue-jeans and a kick-your-butt attitude that would make any woman proud.

And like all true ladies, just about the time you get them figured out, they do something new that makes you smile and love them even more.

“We draw our music from life experiences and from what we see in the world,” Kristy O said. “There is a lot of traditional country music in our songs with a dainty mix of hardcore rock-and-roll.”

Lawson’s definition is simpler.

“It’s country music with a beat,” she said. “It’s music you can enjoy in your home or car, but it’s also music you can dance to.”

And Bomshel is all about making the fans move.

“We put on a high-energy show,” Kristy O. said. “When we walk on stage we both cut loose. It’s always a very spontaneous show.”

Their signature tune “Bomshel Stomp” says it all:

“Come on everybody, got to move your body,

to the Bomshel Stomp, to the Bombshel Stomp.

“Kick up your boots and get back to your roots,

to the Bomshel Stomp, to the Bomshel Stomp!”

But these girls also have a soft, feminine side that they aren’t afraid to show their fans.

“Ain’t My Day To Care,” weaves Lawson’s pleading voice with Kristy’s sweet, mournful fiddle.

Like I said, just when you get them figured out … .

The two are not new to the Nashville scene.

Lawson moved to Nashville from Lexington, Ky., in 1990 and broke into the industry writing with Harlan Howard and singing duets with the likes of Neil Diamond. Her crystal-clear voice has made her one of the Music City’s most in-demand demo singers.

Tousle-headed Kristy O. grew up skiing the wide-open spaces of Idaho. Whether it’s horse-riding, ski-racing or stage-diving there are few thing she won’t try and even fewer instruments she can’t play.

Lawson and Kristy met in 2004 at a Nashville pub called Tootsie’s.

“We ended up putting together a show and played every Tuesday night at 7 p.m.,” Kristy said. “Then we hit the road in an ugly old van.”

The women have paid their dues and are working their way to the top with a new CD set for release this summer.

“We’ve got a beautiful new RV sponsored by Tequila Rose,” Lawson said. “Things are beginning to open up for us, but we’re still loyal to our fans and our fans are on the road.”

It’s Detroit this weekend and a date at the Electric Cowboy in Lufkin the night before they come to Waxahachie and Country Thunder

The duo also talked of past gigs in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and, of course, Austin.

“Our Texas fans mean a lot to us and we’ve always felt very welcome where ever we’ve played,” Lawson said. “We’ve found Texans to be open to a lot of different styles of music and we think that is part of the reason for our success.”

Kristy felt there was something special about Bomshel and Texans, too.

“Texans have a history of good music to look back on and they take their country seriously,” she said. “When you go to Texas, you better be ready to play your best.”

Kristy and Lawson are looking forward to opening Friday’s entertainment at Country Thunder.

“All you have to do is look at the artists who are going to be there,” Kristy said. “We’ve opened for Pat Green and we’re excited about seeing George Strait, Big & Rich and all the rest.”

Clips of Bomshel’s music and more detailed information about Lawson and Kristy can be found at

Country Thunder U.S.A. is billed as the nation’s premier country music and camping festival that will feature the likes of Charlie Daniels, Neal McCoy, Gretchen Wilson, Lorrie Morgan, Ronnie Milsaps and Reba McEntire.

More than 15,000 campers and 100,000 attendees are expected to make Texas’s first Country Thunder U.S.A. a memorable one.

A variety of ticket packages, including one-day tickets for $29 and camping passes to fit all needs are now on sale.

For more information about Country Thunder, visit or call (262) 279-6960.