Name: Bill Vansyckle   

Current position: Mayor of the city of Ovilla

Owner of Private Investigation Agency

Age: 56

City of residence: Ovilla

Education: College, no degree; professional courses including, but not limited to:

Accident reconstruction, homicide investigation, fraud investigation, real estate law, civil investigation, domestic investigation

(I consistently exceed the state licensing requirements for total annual educational credits related to my field.) 

Professional credentials/certifications/ commendations (relative to office):

State Licensed Private Investigator since 1981

Twice-elected municipal official - City Councilman (2008-2009), Mayor (2009-present)

Certified by the Texas Supreme Court for service of court documents

Prior experience (relative to office): 30 years of practice in all courts, including Justice of the Peace, civil, domestic, criminal and federal courts.

Entities such as  judges, attorneys, courts and individuals, in addition to federal, state and county agencies, rely on my expertise to:

Interview clients, victims, witnesses

Provide them with true and accurate facts

Recreate and revisit scenes related to cases

Assist the legal team

Testify in court

Evoke legal strategies

Document the facts of the case

Gather outside intelligence

Perform background searches

Family: Martha and I will celebrate 37 years of marriage this month. She is the office manager for F. Thomas Dean, M. D.  We have three children: Christina, Kate and Timothy.  I am grandfather to three grandsons and one granddaughter. Christina is married to Mike, who is currently serving in the U.S. Air Force at Ramstein Air Force Base. They live in Landstuhl, Germany with our two grandsons, age 6 and 4, and granddaughter, age 10 months. Kate is a Deputy Clerk for the Ellis County District Court Clerk’s office of Melanie Reed. She is mother to our two grandsons, age 10 and 4. Our son Timothy has safely returned from Iraq with the First Cavalry Division, U.S. Army.  He recently married his long-time girlfriend, Cindy, and is currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. 

Hobbies:  Hunting, fishing, golfing

Campaign e-mail:

QUESTION 1: In your own words, why are you running for Justice of the Peace?

ANSWER:  My ambition and passion are to serve and help people.  My 30 years experience in the justice system brings a strong knowledge of the law, integrity, impartial judgment, and conservative values to the position.

QUESTION 2: If elected, do you plan on operating the justice of the peace office as a full-time position? If not, please explain how you plan to cover the required duties of the office, specifically, the 24-hour call shifts that are rotated among the county’s four JP judges.

ANSWER:  I will operate the justice of the peace office as a FULL-TIME position. 

My investigation company has required twenty-four hour call seven days a week, much more than the JP office requires. 

When elected, I will close my investigation agency to devote as many hours as needed to fulfill the duties of the Justice of the Peace.  I have met with the current Justices and have assured them of my intent to be a team player with my full support.

Since my current job as investigator well exceeds a forty hour work week, as JP I will have no problem continuing my community service to the City of Ovilla as its Mayor.  I feel strongly that we should all dedicate volunteer time to our communities.

QUESTION 3: As justice of the peace, what changes will you make to the Pct. 4 office and why?

ANSWER:  During the first 90 days of office I will evaluate all current procedures and practices of the court. At that time I will make necessary changes to effectuate the efficiency of the court. 

I will commence discussion with the school districts within Precinct 4 regarding bringing the truancy cases into the Justice Court. I have a proven plan to resolve these cases with better results.

QUESTION 4: Are you current on your personal and business taxes?


QUESTION 5: Have you personally had criminal and/or civil legal issues (this does not include any litigation as a public official) and if so, how were those resolved?

ANSWER: I was a plaintiff in a personal injury case which was resolved out of court.

QUESTION 6: Because of the requirements of being called out to the scene of a fatal accident, homicide or death at any time, in any condition, do you feel you are physically able to perform the duties of the job?

ANSWER: Yes. During my 30 years experience I have attended, investigated and reconstructed scenes of homicides and fatal accidents in many conditions. 

I have also attended autopsies for both natural and unnatural causes.  I am not only physically able to attend, but believe I have the experience, to evaluate the deaths for cause.

QUESTION 7: As judge presiding over “the people’s court,” are you willing to study the law in order to provide fair, impartial and speedy justice for the citizens who appear before your court?

ANSWER:  Yes.  I believe it is prudent that this be done due to the constant change of the law, its procedures, and applications.

QUESTION 8: Do you feel being an attorney is an advantage, disadvantage or neutral to serving as justice of the peace? Please explain.

ANSWER:  Neutral. The Justice Court is a court of the people and for the people. 

My life’s work has provided me with the hands-on experience that most attorneys have never handled.  I am current with court room laws and procedures.

QUESTION 9 Under what circumstances would you consider recusing yourself in a case due to a conflict of interest?

ANSWER:   I would recuse myself from a case if I have any personal relationship or personal knowledge.

QUESTION 10: How you feel about taking over the truancy responsibilities for the school districts in Pct. 4?

ANSWER:  This would be a goal for my Justice Court to take over the truancy cases that are now being heard by the City Magistrate.

There is a successful plan now utilized by Justice Jackie Miller (brought to him by Mr. Roy Orr and a group of concerned individuals) which offers an alternative resolution with counseling rather than fines and jail.  I have consulted with Mr. Orr and Judge Miller regarding implementation of this plan in Precinct 4 to turn the tide of truancy within Ellis County.

QUESTION 11: How do you view the relationship between the J.P. office and the constable office?

ANSWER: There must be a working cooperative relationship between JP office and constable office.  I will do my part to nurture this relationship. 

QUESTION 12: What is your view on the role of a J.P., that is, is it your responsibility to legislate from the bench, or apply the law as it is set forth in the Constitution and state laws.

ANSWER: It is my responsibility, as Justice of the Peace, to apply the law to all cases heard in my court as is set forth in the Constitution and our state laws. 

QUESTION 13: Tell us why you feel you are the best person for this position.

ANSWER: I am the best person for this position because of my wide experience with legal cases.  My scope of practice mirrors the variety of cases seen in the Justice Court. 

The foundation of my investigation agency’s long-time success is my personal integrity and work ethic.  Irregular work hours are not uncommon in my line of work.   

The people of my community have elected me to serve them; first, as City Councilman, then secondly, as their Mayor. I have a proven track record of positive public service to the people of Ellis County.  My hard work has produced needed results again and again.

I am dedicated to respect the individual’s rights and liberties, and will promote fairness for all who appear in my court. I am committed to the traditional conservative values that founded our nation and state.  I will represent the Justice of the Peace Court in Precinct 4 with compassion, fairness and equality.