FERRIS — Steppenwolf had no way of knowing that his mid-1960s hit, “Born to Be Wild” would one day be used as an opening hymn at a church service.

But that is how worship leader Jim Pool began the Aug. 5 Sunday services at New Beginnings Bible Church of Ferris - only the words were tweaked to read “Born to Serve God.”

The chorus, accompanied by the church praise band, prefaced the church’s first “Run Toward the Son” Sunday. Sixty-eight bikers from as far away as Austin and Round Rock came on their rides to the special service. The parking lots were covered with Harleys, Hondas, Suzukis and Yahamas. Some bikes were as much as 30 years old and there were new bikes, decorated with chrome and custom paint. One white vintage Honda bike had red roses monogrammed into the paint and a rider’s helmet to match.

According to pastor Dr. Bobby Adams, one bike expert in the congregation estimated the 68 bikes to be worth more than $1.2 million total.

Activities for the day included a best of show contest, where the congregation voted the best bike. Special guest speakers were Iris and Duane Blue of Plano, who gave their testimonials of past lives of crime, drugs and prison and how their lives were transformed.

Regarding her drastic life change, Iris Blue said, “We’re not preachers - we’re just satisfied customers.” She went on to say, “Jesus took us just the way we were, but he didn’t leave us that way.”

“Duane and I have spoken all over the world, and we’ve yet to see one person strung out on drugs or serving a life sentence who made it their life’s goal to be that way,” she said.

After the worship service, church members provided lunch, including 49 briskets, for the crowd of nearly 300. The crowd enjoyed watching the bikers participate in the motorcycle games of slow race, plank challenge, tennis ball slalom run, balloon toss, spud challenge and dart throw.

“Trophies for games and best of show contest were awarded as well as $1,500 worth of door prizes,” Adams said.

“The banker who financed our building, along with his wife, began attending our church soon after the building was complete,” Adams said. “They asked me if I thought people would be offended if they came to church on their motorcycles some Sunday. I told them not only would people not be offended, but I will even plan a special motorcycle rally some Sunday since we have several bikers in our church. This event was about four or five months in the planning.

“This will be an annual event for our church, only next year we will probably have it a little earlier when the weather isn’t quite so hot,” he said.

Organized in 2004, Adams is the founding pastor of New Beginnings Bible Church, located on 20 acres of land between Rockett and Ferris on Farm-to-Market 983.

For more information about the church, call (972) 842-2800.

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