The Women’s Resource Center of Ellis County received a boost recently from a motorcycle group that rode all over the county collecting donations to help the center pay for needed supplies to run the programs it offers.

The run, which was the second annual event, “Biker’s for Babies” and offers any motorcycle group or individual the chance to pay an entry fee and ride for the cause as well as bid on any silent auction items which are donated from local businesses.

The center’s executive director, Donna Young says the center is supported through donations from the county and that past fundraising events have helped change client’s lives.

“We promote the protection of life for the unborn and the preservation of family. Our usual client is an unmarried young woman who thinks she may be pregnant and we offer her options in a time that is very stressful and confusing. We provide for needs and offer education concerning being a parent, all of which we could not do without the fundraisers and the help of everyone involved,” said Young.

The center has two locations, one in Waxahachie which houses a resale shop with all proceeds going toward funding the center and also an office in Ennis that they hope to have open full time. Currently the program offers a follow up aspect which allows the client to “earn while they learn”. While the client takes parenting classes, which include homework which has to be turned in to earn “baby bucks”, which can be redeemed at the center’s Noah’s room. Noah’s room is full of baby items, ranging from clothes to cribs which can be purchased with baby bucks, allowing the client to get the items needed for her child, while educating herself with parenting skills.

“We believe it is important to provide our clients with the skills necessary to handle the choices they make. It’s not enough to help someone decide to keep their baby and raise it if you don’t give them the skills necessary to do that. We give our clients hope and encouragement because babies are never mistakes,” said Young.

The rally had about 50 participants this year, which is bigger than the first year but organizers are hopeful that the numbers will continue to grow as the center does.

“We have been very fortunate with the number of people involved in these events, the biker’s groups are really supportive of the idea and the area businesses have generously donated items for our silent auction. The Knights of Columbus Hall in Ennis allowed us to use their building for free and provided lunch for the riders, which helps us focus on fundraising and not worrying about overhead expenses. We have been blessed with the support of the county and we know that will continue to grow because people in the county take care of each other, we expect that as the event continues from year to year that it will eventually grow into something that included hundreds of riders,” said Young.

Currently the center in Ennis is open by appointment only with the resale store in Waxahachie open all week. Both offices can be reached at (972) 938-7900 for more information or to schedule an appointment.