“Absolutely beautiful” and “world class” were just a couple of the descriptive phrases used by the scores of visitors who converged on the new Baylor Medical Plaza, located at 1305 Jefferson St., Waxahachie.

Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie president Jay Fox and a corps of health care professionals “rolled out the red carpet” Wednesday afternoon, welcoming the public to view the new facility and enjoy snacks and an opportunity to become acquainted with the staff.

Tours were conducted by Sheryl Sullivan, director of marketing and public relations for Baylor Waxahachie.

“We are very proud of the new facility and additional office space is available for future growth,” Sullivan said.

Doctor’s offices, suites and examining rooms are located on the first floor. Administrative offices and a large, high-tech conference and training center that includes a computer lab for nurses’ training are on the second floor.

Dr. Paul Reder, founder of ENT Associates of Waxahachie and an otolaryngology specialist, demonstrated the state-of-the-art facilities in his suite’s examining rooms. He pointed out the wall-mounted microscopes and dentist-style chairs used for ear examinations, with monitors positioned so a patient can see examination results first hand. He also pointed out washbasins positioned just inside the doors of the examining rooms.

“Hygiene is critical to our profession, and scrubbing up right in front of the patient is good public relations, too,” he said.

Reder introduced a member of his team, Dr. Lynn Norwood, an audiologist.

“With the highly advanced equipment, Dr. Norwood is able to perfectly determine how well people can hear,” Reder said, with Norwood commenting, “Now, people, especially senior citizens, no longer have to fight the traffic to visit a specialist in Dallas. We have some of the greatest specialists right here in Waxahachie.”

A former clinical assistant professor of otolaryngology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Reder is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Valerie J. Gorman, a surgeon, also has a suite in the new medical center. Gorman and Dr. Elizabeth Hamilton are specialists in breast care.

“We now have a new treatment procedure available here called ‘Mammosite,’ a breast cancer radiation treatment,” Gorman said.

The first practice to move into the new facility was that of Dr. James Pickens, who has been a fixture in Waxahachie for more than 20 years.

Appointments also can be made with podiatrist, Dr. Charles Marder; pulmonary specialist, Dr. Joyce Shotwell; and pathologist, Dr. Michael Black.

The new center offers oncology services with Dr. Amare Mammo and Dr. Douglas Orr. Cardiology consultants include Dr. Jerrold M. Grodin, Dr. Stephen B. Johnson, Dr. Karen K. Klatte and Dr. John R. Schumacher.

Dr. Watson P. Roye Jr. is a bariatric specialist.

“We are working to keep pace with rapid growth of our area, through recruitment of new physicans to our medical staff, the purchase of technologically advanced diagnostic tools, and the expansion of services,” Fox said.