La Galleria owners, Isabelle and Bob Tant are expecting special guests next week.

Staff members for renowned painter Thomas Kinkade will be on hand to meet with the art gallery owners to discuss the story and meaning behind each piece of art that is being displayed at their gallery.

The Tant’s, are among a very limited and prestigious group that is officially authorized by Kinkade to sell his work. “We are very excited to have the group come next week,” said Isabelle Tant, adding, “we strive to provide our customers with the information and facts they need to make an informed purchase.”

She feels that being able to explain to her patrons the message and thought behind each of Kincaid’s pieces will only enhance the experience people have when they visit her gallery.

Kinkade is known as the ‘painter of light” and generally places a symbolic meaning to his work, which his staff hope to impart on the gallery owners.

The group will spend some time going over each piece and will also take a tour of the gallery. Tant, who is a member of the Ennis downtown merchants association, feels that the notoriety the city of Ennis will receive from visitors such as these will only encourage more people to want to experience the hospitality Ennis has to offer. “My husband and I believe in Ennis, we have put our heart and soul into this business at the request of the merchant’s association and we will do our best to attract people to Ennis.”

La Galleria opened in December of 2006 and features a collection of handmade giftware, a French bistro and live music as well as the art gallery. For more information on the gallery or to check on upcoming events at the restaurant, call 972-875-8809.