Johnson County Sheriff Bob L. Alford was appointed to the board of directors of the Sheriff’s Association of Texas at its 129th annual training conference held in Austin, July 15-18.

“Alford has been the sheriff of Johnson County since January of 1997 and distinguishes himself, his county and the state as he assumes this key leadership role in the Sheriff’s Association of Texas,” a spokesman said.

Alford was among more than 12,000 participants in attendance at the Austin Convention Center, benefiting from outstanding speakers and opportunities for training sessions.

More than 200 exhibits showcased some of the latest technology in law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Association of Texas is one of the oldest law enforcement associations in the nation.

The Sheriffs of Texas met for the first time on Aug. 14, 1874, in the courthouse in Corsicana, Navarro County.

The meeting was called to order by Sul Ross, sheriff of McLennan County.

The Sheriffs of Texas began annual training conferences in 1878.

These training conferences today are the largest composite gatherings of law enforcement officers in Texas.

Sheriffs and other county and local law enforcement officers, federal and state officers and major industry security personnel attend.

In addition to the annual training conferences, the association conducts training throughout the year for law enforcement officers.

The Sheriff’s Association of Texas serves as a liaison with federal, state, county and municipal agencies and associations to promote cooperation, training, education and more efficient services to the residents of Texas.